SBAC Testing and My Experience of a Sound Bath

Testing can be very stressful. Especially when you are in the classroom for two hours. This week I am taking the English test. Today the test was fairly easy. It is just really annoying because of how much reading and how long it is. On the test I had to pick a character out of four articles. We had to back up our reasoning from two of the articles. Which means, we had to state why we chose the person we chose with two reasons why I chose that person. But I had to give real life facts.

I chose Sacajawea because she helped Lewis and Clark as their translator and guide. The next couple were fairly easy. It would ask us a question the we would have to answer it in true or false. The last part (which I didn’t finish) you have to write a long story about what monument you would want to chose. But you would have to choose someone from the story. It was the same story from the last one. The options were Martin Luther King Jr. , Sacajawea, military dogs, and one more I forgot. Even though everybody knows about Martin Luther I chose him. And the dogs already had a statue. Martin Luther was more known than Sacajawea and the dogs, so I chose him.

And I thought I could write about more topics to write about him. And I know everything about Martin because all of my teachers thought me about in in Elementary School.

Last night I did this new activity called a Sound Bath. When you are doing this activity someone makes a lot of beautiful noises while you are laying down and thinking of anything you want to.

First we started out with sage, sage is a herb. It smells really good. We do this to let the evil spirits go away. I don’t really think this is true, but I do it anyway.

After that behind us she flicks a feather twice. She does it in the front of us, then the side. There were about ten people. We all came inside and did a little bit of Yoga. We stretched and did tree pose. Then we started laughing because everybody made everybody laugh. When we started I started on my back. When the first sound came it sounded like the sound was surrounding me. It started in my right ear then went the left. The next noise was a lot of tiny balls in this weird leather type wide bowl. The were really loud and got a little annoying. But when the noise came right over me I became relaxed. And me, I do not like to stay still for a long time.

The next noise was balls in a cylinder. Both of the last two noises sounded like loud rain. When the sound came over me it was the same as the last one. My eyes were open most of the time because it was a little boring. I appreciated it. At that point I left. They played the gong too. It was a cool experience but it wasn’t the best.