5th Grade

I went to Golden Oak for my elementary school. My fifth grade teacher was Mr. Storch. He was kinda strict but at the same time nice. He was basically the technical guy. Which I think is kinda dumb because if other people have trouble with their computers, they will have to come into my classroom and disrupt the class.

The bad thing about me being in elementary school at my time was being bullied. I was bullied not a lot but more than I should’ve been. This person Aubrey would be hanging out with me one second and be my best friend and then the next second she would literally be hanging out with the people that were bullying me. The two other girls names who were bullying me were, Brianna and Aly. In my opinion Aubrey was a wannabe. Because she wanted to be cool like them, but when you bully people like that, that’s not cool.

I would come home and cry my eyes out because I was so sad that this was happening to me. I’ve never experienced this in my life. I’ve never experienced my, what I thought was my best friend, not be my best friend.

At the end of the school year I went to all three girls and said “At least I don’t need a group to be myself, I can be myself, by my self.”  After I said that Aly came up to me and asked why I said that and I basically said that, I was sick and tired of being bullied and I didn’t care what they thought of m because I was leaving next year to the to Hale.

The best thing about ending 5th grade was the party. I remember we had an end of the year party with my REAL friends. My school wasn’t close enough to talk home, but I would walk to the park near my school and my mom would meet me at the park in her car. The worst thing about 5th grade for me was my play. I was the main singer so I got to stay backstage the whole entire play. My outfit was the worst outfit you will ever see. I was in my torn up shoes with my hair half braided I was in a old button down dress and it was literally see through. So I had to wear black shorts because those were the only shorts I had that were clean and I had to wear a white tank top. The bad about me wearing those black shorts was the bottom of my dress was white.

Overall I thought 5th grade was an okay grade. I would go back if the people were different than the people that were my wannabe friends. During the summer Aubrey would constantly try to apologize but I would say she couldn’t be my friend again because I once said she could be my friend again and she would do the same thing over and over again, so I was over her. And now I have great friends!