Victoria Bailey #4

I stare at Peter while he asks for a separate house from my father because of family issues. I went to the bathroom to fix my hair, so I’m in my human form now. He’s been arguing this to the Head of Housing (or the H.H.) for about a half hour now, and I think he’ll convince her in the end.

I hold back a sigh. Peter is so convincing. He could tell me once to jump off the Empire State building and I would probably do it.

“Miss Bailey has every right to live by herself H.H., She is very mature…”

“You’ve known her for a little over three hours.”

“I know, but from what I’ve seen she is. I think she is capable of living by herself. And we wouldn’t want to lose a recruit just because of a small set back would we? You never know, maybe she’ll be one of the next Junior Councilwoman!”

H.H. laughs. “Peter you have convinced me, but don’t get her hopes up because she will never beat Alexis,” she continues to laugh. She looks at me, “Never.

Uhg, I hate when people underestimate me.

“Never isn’t in my vocabulary,” I say crossing my arms. Both of them look at me. “And I’m afraid I’m going to have to take that as a challenge,” I say it with a little flip of my hair and I don’t smile. If you smile you just look like a brat who tricks people into making her get what she wants. If you stay serious, people take you serious.

“Honey, I would like to see you try,” she takes out a stack of paper. “Fill this out, and 35902 is yours.”

“And this,” said Peter holding the door open for me. “Is your new home.”

I step inside and I instantly fall in love with it. It opens up to a large room with white oak hardwood floors. On one side was a kitchen with marble counters and light pink cabinets. The other is a living room with a light pink couch, a white carpet, and a glass coffee table.

“Do you like it?” Peter says. I gape at the room. “I had the maids help decorate, I didn’t know if you liked pink or not. That was kind of rude of me to just assume that you like pink. I’ll have them switch it out immediately…” says Peter.

“Don’t,” I say, I turn around and smile. “I love it.”

“Well you should unpack,” he gestures to a pile of my stuff in the corner.

“How did they get all my stuff here?”

“When the Zemainiens are kidnapping children, they don’t leave before they pack up all your stuff,” he says now  smiling too. “Well, I guess I’ll see you at the party tonight.” He begins to walk out of the door.

“Wait what party?” I say.

“Oh! I forgot, you just got here! Um, there’s a party tonight where all Zemainiens join together in the Queen’s palace.” This is my chance to wow him with my incredible looks and amazing style! “It’s kind of fancy, for boys its dress-code to wear a tuxedo. And for girls a dress.” Play it dumb Victoria.

“Ok, I guess I’ll have to find something to wear…” I say it as if this will be a struggle.

“Well then I’ll leave you to it,” he nods his head and closes the door behind him. I listen to his footsteps patter away. I tap my chin and say to myself:

“Now what to wear? The pink dress or the blue?”