Some Ridiculous things Floyd Mayweather spends his money on

The Mayweather vs. Mcgregor earned so much money for Mayweather, that he could live off of just that for 3 lifetimes. Mcgregor made a total of 30 million dollars from the fight, which is a LOT of money but compared to Mayweather’s 100 million dollars earning it seems like a little amount of money.

Mayweather has been known to wear very expensive watches. He has many watches in his collection, including some from Rolex, that cost somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars. Some of his watches are gold coated, diamond coated, or crystal coated.

Floyd also spends his money on fur coats. He has so many fur coats that it could warrant PETA.

Another ridiculous thing he spends his money on are lots and lots of boxer. Apparently, he wears a pair of boxers and then just throws it into the trash. He spends a total of 6,500 dollars A YEAR on boxers. This is how much some peoples car costs and he spends that amount of money on BOXERS, EACH YEAR. ]

For one of our fights, he bought tickets for his family, friends, and some other random people in Vegas. He spent a total of  605,000 dollars on tickets. He spent roughly 13 times more than an average person yearly income on tickets for this fight.

Mayweather has a lot of Louis Vuitton Bags. He has so much of them that they take a full closet in one of his houses. On his Instagram, he said,” I’m looking to hire a new assistant to keep my Louis Vuitton bags in order.” This is just ridiculous.

Floyd spent a staggering 10 million dollars on an engagement ring for Shantel Jackson. But, their engagement that was always on and off finally ended in 2013. So, he pretty much bought that ring for nothing.

Do you want a private jet? Well, Floyd Mayweather has two of them. He owns a Gulfstream IV and a Gulfstream V. These very luxurious and very fast private jets cost range from 16 million dollars to 48 million dollars, which is not even half of his earnings from ONE fight.

Floyd has bought NINE CARS. NINE. And only of that are for him. He has given half of those nine cars as a present to his friends and/or family. He has two Bugattis, McLaren 650S, Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari Enzo, and a Lamborghini Aventador.

A long time ago, Mayweather posted on his Instagram a picture with a caption of,” custom made 24kt Gold TMT Edition.” He got a GOLD phone, and it was also 24kt.

Floyd Mayweather has a thing for shoes, a lot, a lot of shoes. His system of disposable sneakers is pretty much the same as his boxer system, except in his disposable shoe system, he leaves his shoes at the hotel if they want them.

Mayweather doesn’t only have a thing for cars, he has a thing for golf carts. He owns a Cadillac golf cart. This golf cart is priced at 20,000 dollars. The price of this golf cart might be more money than your car costs, but believe it or not, this is the least expensive vehicle in Floyd Mayweather’s fleet.