My Blog about Testing Week

It is testing time at Hale. At Hale, the students are on blocked schedule. This means that you take one period for two hours instead of one. I like it because I get to have my favorite teachers for an hour more.

The first week is all English. There are two parts of the test and for English and for me it took the complete time for both. Even though I can’t talk about it I think I’m allowed to share my experience. I think that the first week was off to a good start because I felt good about taking the test. The hard part for me was at the beginning but then it was all smooth sailing after this. Since we were on block schedule we had English only two days the whole week. Let me explain how this works if you don’t know, Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday you have periods 1, 3, and 5. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday you have periods 2, 4, and 6. Tuesdays you have a regular day because it is a short day.

The next week is all about math. We are currently still on this week. I have almost finished this test but I can’t say it has been smooth sailing to finish it. I can’t say that I’m the smartest person when it comes to math, but in this class, I have unlocked a secret power and I have almost mastered it. It is a little hard to explain this power but I’ll try my best to explain it. I can get the correct answer in math if I feel it with my heart. For example, I look at the options then my heart will begin to pound towards the correct answer. Today in math we played Kahoot and I would move the mouse around and whenever my heart starts pounding I would click it and it would be correct. My mind was blown away. I didn’t know what to say. My partner was also pretty impressed.

Since I have not finished this math week I will try my best to explain what is coming up. We will have one more week of testing. This week will only be for eighth graders. They will have to take one more test and this one will be based on science. Everyone else will still be on blocked schedule but the sixth graders and the seventh will not be testing. After the eighth graders are finished with this testing we will be going back to the regular schedule. I am happy that we will be going back soon because then we will get a passing period back and during that passing period I have time to stretch, walk around, and have enough time to go to my next class. I also am happy to go back to regular because (not to be mean) I don’t have to have the same teacher twice. I am not saying it like “I hate having the same teacher” it is more like “I get taught a different subject in a different class” you know?

The blocked schedule has been great and all but I can’t wait till it is over. 🙂