One of my Narrative Essays From Fifth Grade

I have been thinking about doing this article for a long time but honestly, I just didn’t want to expose myself. I honestly don’t care anymore. So basically in fifth grade, our teacher gave us an assignment in which we had to write about a person living on a boat. She said that there had to be a problem that comes up and you have to explain how the character solves their problem. So the only changes I made to the story were grammar and punctuation mistakes, so besides that, this is a story from fifth grade, please don’t judge me.


“Life as a chef”

The year was 1585, and I the chef who can’t cook, decide the step on an extremely huge ship to go from Cuba to America to find a job to take care of myself. Although there is a catch the only job available is a chef and I can’t cook I would always count on my mom to make my food but I a 61-year-old man should know how to cook but I never learned “this will be fun’’ I   say to myself in a sarcastic voice.

Right when I stepped on that ship I regretted my decision it smelled like sweat and dead fish right when the captain saw me he said get to work. “okay” I said nervously first thing I did is I went to the top deck to see if I could find anything that would help me make a meal for 69 people. Easy right, not really ‘’Aha’’ flour, I remember that flour and water make biscuits I mixed salt and water and, bingo I made biscuits hope they don’t taste as bad as they look, I took I bite It tasted horrible like moldy cheese.

‘’Ok next day hopefully this is a better day I say to myself.’’ I go on top deck again to see what I can find,’’ Jackpot ’’ I say. I just found potatoes’’ oh no they are expired they will still work I think’’. So I cut myself six times while cutting the potatoes, and I burned myself with the burning hot water and I dipped the potatoes in mayonnaise and taste test time, spoiler alert I threw up and had to clean it up  don’t ever eat expired potatoes then I thought to myself that’s gross i can’t serve that to 69 people i will get thrown overboard I have to think of a solution before tomorrow for now it’s time for bed.

Ok today is the last day, tonight is the last night, that I just serve 69 people at dawn so I get to work immediately I go to the top deck and guess what I find a recipe fish salt and pepper and cutting board all together hidden in the corner I rushed up to the kitchen and cut my fish I only cut myself two times and I salted the fish a pinch of pepper delicious this time the taste test was amazing so I was excited to give it to the people they will love it.

So yes everyone tried it and loved it I guess you can call me super chef, so after a chef who can’t cook, I think I have survived ocean life.

I hope you enjoyed that because I know I didn’t.

The End.