Homework Should Not Be Assigned On Weekends

Every student hates school. We spend eight hours a day sitting at a desk shoving information, which we’ll probably forget later, into our heads. Every Friday, we watch the clock tick by until the final bell rings. We finally have a break from our long and boring school week. That would be true if it weren’t for homework. Plenty of students get assigned extra homework every Friday. Their teachers make up the excuse that we have extra time because it’s the weekend. Now with hours of work to do, the student is forced to bring school into the weekend. They’d never have any time for a break. Teachers should stop assigning weekend homework, so that students may finally have enough time to rest.

Homework causes a lot of stress for students. On macarthurtigerstale.net, a study is used to prove this point, “In fact 56% of student stress is caused by homework.  33% is caused by the worry of receiving good grades on homework. Less than one percent of students say that homework doesn’t stress them.” Students constantly have to battle to keep their grade up.  With so much of it, homework is a huge part of every student’s grade. It’s no wonder why homework is so stressful. Even at fifteen weeks into the semester, if you don’t have ninety-nine percent in all your classes, your grades can and will go down if stop paying attention. No student should have to worry about school during their time off.

Homework does not help you learn anything. According to www.procon.org, “Fourth grade students who did no homework got roughly the same score on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) math exam as those who did 30 minutes of homework a night. Students who did 45 minutes or more of homework a night actually did worse.” When you think about it, it makes sense that homework doesn’t do that much for you. After school, the first thing any student just wants to do is take a nap. They’d never want to do an extra hour of homework, so they just look up the answers on Google, and copy it onto their paper without much thought. They will forget what they wrote, or what the question even was, within the next five minutes.

Homework takes away from time that could have been spent with your family. Some research from study.com states, “According to a 1998 survey (as you can see, this debate has been going on for a long time), nearly 50% of parents reported having serious arguments with their children over homework, and 34% reported homework as a source of struggle in the home. Researchers Etta Kralovec and John Buell were particularly concerned that homework time takes away opportunities for parents to impart their own cultural beliefs and skills to their children.” Most parents work during the weekdays and students are obviously at school. They simply can’t do anything as a family during the week. On the other hand, weekends are perfect to spend time with your family and friends. Homework, however, takes away time from your weekend. It is important to go outside or hang out with your family or friends, but with a lot of homework assigned, that is nearly impossible.

At a normal job, you don’t get assigned homework. You spend just as much, and for some people even more, time at school as you do at work. As every teacher loves to say, school is preparing you for the real world where you will have a job. If that’s the case they should stop giving us any homework, because nobody with a job ever receives homework.

Homework should never be assigned for the weekends.Please don’t spoil Endgame.