The Adventures of Mickey and Jibby

Welcome to the first “episode” of The Adventures of Mickey and Jibby! My name is Jibby, I am a lizard, and I will be the narrator for these stories. First, I would like to tell you all how Mickey and I met.

It was a cold winter day and Mickey (a lizard) was walking around the forest, looking for shelter. She continued walking and walking for what felt like twenty years, but it was actually 10 minutes. Then, suddenly, she came upon a tall, large tree.

“Hello?” Mickey called out. “Is anyone there?”

“Hello!” I answered, opening the door into my warm home.

“Hi, my name is Mickey Nye and I recently lost my home due to personal reasons. Can I please stay at your house for a while? At least until winter ends,” Mickey asked, hopeful that I would say yes.

“Of course!” I answered, opening the door wider so she could walk inside. “My name is Jibby and you can stay for as long as you would like. There is a guest bedroom on the third floor where you could stay. My room is on the fifth floor, the kitchen is on the second floor, there is a den on the fourth floor, and here, on the second floor is the living room.”

“Thank you so much,” Mickey said, as she looked around my home. “Your house is very beautiful.”

“Thank you!” I said, smiling brightly. “Let me show you around.”

So, I gave her a tour of my house and she continued to say that my house was beautiful.

“I can give you a tour of the forest around my home to show you the best places for food and shopping,” I tell her.

“Yes, please,” she says. We leave my house and climb up the tree, cross to the next tree through a rope bridge, and climb more.

“This is the grocery store where you can buy all types of food,” I tell Mickey and she just nods.

“This is the mall where you can buy all types of clothing from shoes to shirts.”

“Oh, I will be here a lot, then,” she says, laughing.

“Over there is the park where a lot of us hang out and play around,” I say.

“I love the park!” she says, excitedly. I let her wander around for a while and I go home to make some dinner.

And we ended up here. 3 years later and Mickey still lives with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love her living here because she helps around and technically, it’s also her house now. She moved in permanently and now, we’re best friends. We go everywhere together.

Since I met Mickey, my life got a little more interesting. It was boring living alone because there was nothing to do when my friends were busy. Having Mickey around made life better.

Mickey was one who always would get in some type of trouble. I once had to bail her out of the pool jail because she sneaked in when an actor closed down the pool for a whole day. Apparently, that actor was Evan Williams, her celebrity crush.

There was also another time when I had to get her from the police station because she tried to kidnap Evan Williams.

Mickey is a very mischievous little girl who really really like Evan Williams. I don’t get the big deal about him, but usually, if I get a call about having to pick her up at the police station, I know for sure that it is about Evan Williams and her attempt to kidnap him.