Spoons are a necessary part of kitchen cutlery. They provide necessary assistance when it comes to consuming food. They are necessary when it comes to liquid-y foods like soups and porridge. It helps collect more food into the utensil so that you can eat more of the food in one serving for example rice, where you can get a bigger portion when the utensil is bigger. You can get more rice when you eat it with a spoon compared to a fork or any other utensil. Th spoon is one of the if not the best utensil ever made by human being. It can carry almost all food items, from soups to rice and other things. The spoon’s design has remained unchanged through out human history, having the same long to short handle and a mini bowl-like instrument at the end of the handle. Many have tried to alter the design of it to no avail, but some have succeeded. They have altered the design of the spoon and some can say increased it’s efficiency.

The Spork

The spork was an interesting invention made when combining the spoon and it counterpart as some can say, the fork. It combines the functionality of both utensils into one, the spoon’s ability to pick up things in mass quantity and the fork’s ability to pick up fine things with its four tines. With both of the utensils functions, you can create a utensil like the spork, where you are able to pick up a large quantity of food with the spoon part and pick up things with fine accuracy with the tines of the fork part of the utensil. With the combined power of both utensils in one, you can eat everything on the table with ease, grabbing large amounts of food or soup and grabbing things with the tines. You can show up to company or family dinners with your newly acquired spork to dominate the dining table. You can now eat all of the food items placed on the table without having to keep switching hands or utensils.

The Two-Headed One

This spoon is for the intellectually superior. This spoon is for people who want to get the most food in one serving. This spoon allows people to eat more in one mouthful. It takes the spoon’s ability to pick up large quantities of food and literally doubles it. You will gain acceptance from society because of the fact that you can eat a larger quantity of food compared to the average person. The amount of food you can eat is so great that your body cannot take the physical burden that is placed on it so it implodes and collapses in on itself. The power of the two-headed spoon is so great that only the creator of the spoon can eat from it, since normal humans can’t take the burden placed from the godly item. The average human’s skin will burn from being in the near vicinity of the holy item. The raw power of the spoon will be the end of the universe when placed in the wrong hands.

Spoons can take many forms and shapes, preforming different jobs perfectly without failure.