Jake’s field trip

It was a cold, windy night and Jake was laying in bed talking to his mom while she was packing his bags for tomorrow’s field trip. Jake is in the fifth grade, he is average height very pale and lacks social skills. Jake was pumped to go to this field trip with his two best friends, Jonny and Ron. Unfortunately for him Ron got sick and his mom wouldn’t let him go and Johnny’s parents don’t like when he isn’t home overnight so they both couldn’t go.

Jake was really nervous to go alone to a field trip with no friend’s but his mom kept motivating him and telling him it’s all going to be okay. The morning pass but Jake didn’t get a good night sleep because he was too busy thinking about his field trip. He got up super early and he heard his mom in the shower so for once he made himself breakfast and a drink. His mom got out of the shower and got dressed and walked into the kitchen with a shocked face. She smiled and asked Johnny, “Are you okay,” in a joking matter. Johnny laughed and took a sip of his chocolate milk and said, “Bye mom, the bus is here.”

The bus got there and Johnny walked to the back as usual. He felt alone none of his friends were with him, he didn’t know what to do. Everyone was having conversations that Johnny felt that he had no place in. Instead of listening to music which his mom advised him to he went to sleep. He woke up to the same kids talking and the bus driver yelling thirty minutes left. He got up quickly and started to listening to music until he got there.

When he go there his counselor told everyone a number and this number is what cabin they get placed in. He got placed in cabin seven with three other kids. One of the kids was named Seth and he was pretty nice and very good at sports. One other kid was named Bryan and he was really smart and funny and is usually the class clown. The last kid is named David and he is older than the other ids but he got held back. David Is not the average kid, he is big, muscular and rarely frowns. David’s appearance is not the only unpleasant thing about him. David bullies lots of kids.

When Jake got to the cabin it was night time so he fell asleep. When Jake woke up he realized that he was missing a pillow and he looked at Jake and he had an extra one. This didn’t really bothered Jake so he got up without saying anything and got changed. While Jake was changing David pushed him and started laughing and the three other kids instantly got up and yelled out don’t touch him. For some reason this scared of David and for once he left like someone actually cared about him.