My Spring Break

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My spring break really started with my friend Julymar when she came over to go to Disneyland with my mom and I.

The night before Disneyland we were playing with blankets trying to go sleep, but obviously that wasn’t going to help us go to sleep. The thing that was mostly not making me not go to sleep. My dog. My dog was sleeping on my pillow, on my side. And I look over at Julymar and she is sound asleep snoring, literally snoring. I stayed up until about 11:30 pm.

The next morning we were going to Disneyland. I was so excited because I haven’t been there in a long, long time. And it was Julymar’s first time going since she was eight. My two favorite rides at Disneyland are, Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain. Indiana Jones was our first ride we went on because that ride is really popular there, so we knew that ride was going to eventually be packed. Then we went to the main Disney store to trade pins. When trading pins you just buy a lanyard then you buy a four pack of whatever pins you want. Then while you’re walking around the whole entire park, you look for people with a pouch of pins. You ask if you can trade one or two pins of your choice then you choose what pin you want from the employees.

The first time I went on Splash Mountain I didn’t get get at all because I was sitting in the back. But the second time I went on the ride, I was sitting in the very front seat. Every time there was a drop I would get soaked. I came out of the ride freezing and dripping so it looked like I was peeing but I wasn’t, I can assure you.

In fact I was so cold, I had to get a sweatshirt and pajama pants. My sweatshirt says “Disneyland 2019” with Mickey mouse and all the other Disney characters. Now my pajama pants on the side say “It’s good to be bad” with the evil queen and bad animals from ” The Lion King”.

After I was nice and cozy after getting my new clothes, there was a water show. So we were like lets go to Indiana Jones because everybody would be the water show and nobody would be at the ride. But just our luck the ride broke down so there was a line to get int eh line. We pushed our way through the line and luckily got to the front of the line. When the ride was done and we were exiting, there was no line so we cut the ropes and basically cut the line to get right in.

But there was one thing I didn’t like about going to Disneyland, it was all the lines we had to wait in. And even worse it got really hot so we had to talk and do nothing in the line. The employees told us we couldn’t have any water in line. Which I wasn’t expecting because there were trash cans every where in the line, so if you didn’t finish it you could just through it away.

Overall, I had a really fun time!



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