My Spring Break

This year I went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for spring break. I go pretty much once a year so it wasn’t anything new or exciting, but it was still pretty relaxing. The weather was really nice, except for Friday, because there was a thunderstorm. We didn’t really have any activities planned for the trip because we decided to go very last minute. I’m kind of glad we didn’t have many activities planned because I really just needed to relax and get my mind off of things. I’ve just been really stressed out lately because of all the pressure that’s on me to succeed. It sounds spoiled and bratty of me, but it’s a lot of pressure for your family to be paying a bunch of money for you to go to school. I feel like I have to try my hardest and it’s really scary. Anyways, getting back on topic, spring break really helped me come to terms with that and not stress myself out about it. I guess it was just a really good opportunity to get my head sorted out.

We didn’t have any activities planned, but we had dinner reservations at fantastic restaurants pretty much every night. By the time I got back home, I had gained 2 and a half pounds! However, my favorite part of the trip by far was getting to spend time with my family. I love my family. There’s only 10 people in my immediate family, so we’re all really close. My great aunt Vicky, great uncle Sandy, uncle Danny, and my dad’s cousin Geoff all came out on the trip with me and my dad.

While we were there, we got a little tired of hanging out by the beach (mostly because we were all terribly sunburned) so we decided to go on the Jungle Queen. So, the Jungle Queen is a boat tour of millionaires row. We went for the dinner tour and the food was ridiculously mediocre. It wasn’t that fun, to be honest. It was pretty boring. The worst part was the extra hour we spent going back due to the bridge going up for a train to pass. We got back at 11:30!

My family is really good at complaining. I’m not sure I inherited that trait, but I saw it in all of my relatives throughout the trip. Every time we’d leave a restaurant, the first thing they’d do was complain about the service. EVERY TIME. It got really annoying. But not as annoying as going shopping with my great aunt. I’m going to preface this by saying, she’s great. I love her. I aspire to be like her. But, I had to go bra shopping with her. It was the worst. She wouldn’t get me anything with padding. So now, I have all these bras with no padding. I’m probably never going to wear them. They’re uncomfortable! Unrelated but, I tried to get tan. It didn’t work. I just got sunburned! All in all, I had a really fun spring break.