If I could pick one person to spend a whole week with it would be Jyrene. Jyrene is an amazing, amazing friend, and I can’t think of my life without her.

My favorite memory with Jyrene was when she came over to my house and we had no clue what we should do. We finally decided to play twister, but we wanted to spice it up a little bit. We ended up putting shaving cream on each of them. My six year old sister wanted to play too, so all three of us played twister while my dad spun the spinner. My sister, Kate, got out first, then I did, and so Jyrene was the winner. I don’t remember who started it but, we all started to throw shaving cream on each other. It was lots of fun, but by the end of it we were covered in shaving cream, it was all in our hair, we could barely open our mouth or shaving cream would get in it, and we could barely open our eyes. To wash off we couldn’t go inside our it would be all over the house so, we ended up jumping in the pool it was so much fun.

Jyrene lives really close to me, like really close. I live at the end of a street next to a hill, at the top of the hill there is a house and that is where Jyrene lives. One day, my friend, Nazeli was over. We were bored and Jyrene had texted me saying to come out front because she was looking down the hill. We went out and we thought it would be a good idea to walk up the hill and talk to Jyrene through the fence. It was not a good idea at all. We walked up, our feet brushing up against all the plants, it took forever to get to the top. Once we finally got up, we were talking with Jyrene for awhile, then we had to go down. We could not really  walk down the hill because it was so steep that we would fall if we tried walking, so we ran the whole way down we almost fell at the bottom.

A recent memory with Jyrene was when she came over to my house and we cooked dinner that night, we made sushi. We had made everything that goes in the sushi, so I went over to the rice cooker and it said it was done, I opened it and I remembered I forgot to push the cook button. We had to wait awhile before we could eat, so my mom said that she found a dress for me to wear on culmination. She brought out about four huge and shiny dresses. Jyrene and I thought I would be a good idea to try them on, one of them was so tight on me that I could barely breath. It was an amazing night.

I have known Jyrene for awhile but, I have not been friends with her until last year. I have a nickname for her and she has one for me, mine is Mickey and her’s is Jibby, it is a long story.