My Spring Break

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I was so happy when the bell rang on Friday. When we got out I was looking forward to hanging out with my friends in my neighborhood. And I did not have any baseball because a lot of teams would not be able to play because they were on some kind of trip. I was excited about that because I would get to hang out with my friends. but I was not excited because I love baseball and I would love to play some in the break we had. When I got home I was looking forward to see the house because it was getting re-done. One of the coats were done of the stucco. I thought it looked really good.

After I looked at the house my friend came over. My friend and I packed everything up and went up to the baseball fields to play some ball. We went all the way up the hill of Knapp Ranch. But people were playing on that field so we had to go up a steep hill to the next field. When we got there, center field was only 190 feet. And right and left field is feet. The field I play on is a lot bigger. Center field is 281 feet. Left field is 216 feet and right field is 214 feet. So, our field is a lot bigger. My friend and I would soft toss it to each other. Which means we would stand on the other side of the plate and pitch it right over the plate. We were playing with one of my old bats, so it was really worn down and it had no more pop. I hit about six homers. And my friend hit about five. It was really fun.

The next day I woke up at around six fifty. I watched a little of tv with my mom and watched YouTube on my phone. At about ten We went up the the baseball field again to play baseball. I hit about five homers that day. And my friend hit five again. I went home and woke up the next morning excited because it was spring break. My dad thought that I had school. My friend came over around ten. And my friend Estefan up the street ( the one that I have been playing baseball with ). First, we went up to the baseball field again. Then we came back to my house. We were so hot, so we went in my pool. We were in the pool for about an hour, then I got a little board.

We also played a little bit of pool ( the kind on the table ). When we were in the middle of a game my friend’s ( Luke ) dad came to pick him up. I didn’t want him to go because we were having such a good time. I didn’t have a lot of events in my spring break. It was already Thursday at the time. The spring break went by so fast. The next day I want with Estefan to go and play foot ball. We went in the pool because it was 80 degrees at the time. The last two days I played a little bit of video games.

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