Food is Good

Hey guys what is going on. After a week of spring break, I am back again to bring you the highest quality of articles. What could I possibly want to talk about this week? That’s right, food. Shocker. And while I have written about how much I am absolutely in love with food. I do not think I have written an in depth article about why I think food is truly good.

Can make you happy: Alright, let us start off this list with an obvious one. Being deprived of food can make someone very angry or as the kids like to call its these days “hangry”. But having the right dish at the right time can completely make your day. Maybe that chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Deluxe is the only thing keeping you going throughout the entire day. Or maybe that Starbucks Venti Caramel Macchiato is the only thing that can get you up and going in the morning. Food has a huge effect on what mood, and how you go about your day. Image result for chick fil a spicy chicken

Food gives you entertainment: Food is capable of a lot of things. But one of my personal favorite things about food is that it gives you pure entertainment. From food pages on instagram, to youtube channels related to cooking, to the literal food channel itself (that I have enjoyed watching since I was five, according to my mom). Seeing my favorite chefs cook meals that are so extravagant has always been really cool to me. And seeing cooking be evolved into more of a competition. Or even talented film makers recreating really cool food that see all over the place. My favorite Youtuber is this one guy called Binging With Babish, and he is a chef/filmmaker that recreates the food that you see on television, and the movies. Just to give you an example, he has recreated Butterbeer from Harry Potter, The Moist Maker from Friends,  The Cannolis from the GodFather, and The Krabby Patty from SpongeBob. Image result for binging with babish

Food can get you friends: Alright, last but certainly not least. Food can get you friends. Our favorite food has the power to make us talk and do a lot of different things. And a bunch of conversations that I (personally) have had over the years, have been started by, “hey do you like this food place?”,  “hey you like food right?”, “yo what is your favorite food?”, “hay I’m hungry, how about you?” People like food (obviously, they need it to live), so starting off a conversation with something that everyone loves, can make you instantly likable. Well, unless you have a really bad taste in food, then you are really out of luck in that category. But hey, you can always lie. Or, maybe your favorite drinks, or favorite type of drink to get. Even water can really work, “hey, you like water right?” it makes you seem funny, even though you are genuinely asking if someone actually like a substance that is needed for humans to live.Image result for friends eating food together