My Car Shopping Experience

Car shopping is always fun for me. This time, my family was looking for a midsize SUV for my dad. This car would be used as my dads daily driver car and our family car. My Dad and I did some research before we went to Westlake Village to look for cars. We had some cars in mind, including the Alfa Romeo Stelvio ( MSRP of 40,295 dollars), BMW X3 ( MSRP of 41,000 dollars), Audi Q5 which we actually did not end up looking at, Mercedes GLC 300 ( MSRP of 40,700 dollars).

Even though my Dads lease on his old X3 was not up until July we were starting to look for a new car now because we will be away most of June. I was the one who pretty much dragged my family to the car dealerships because shopping for cars is so fun for me. The first dealership we went to was Alfa Romeo. Next to the Alfa Romeo dealership, is a supper luxury and sports car dealership that had an abundance of Rolls Royce’s. Also the dealership had McLaren’s, Lamborghini s, Porsche’s,  Bentley’s, and Ferrari’s. It was really cool.

After my brother and I looked at those really nice cars for a while we went on a test drive in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. The car was a little cramped in the back, but had two USBs in the back which is good for my brother and I. The infotainment system graphics were not that good, especially the navigation graphics. Where this car exceeds is power. When my dad stepped on the gas it just took off. Also, It was fun when he put the car into sport mode and went fast. After we finished our test drive, the salesman gave us his card and my Dad told him we will let him know if we want to lease the car.

We left the Alfa Romeo dealership and then headed to the Mercedes dealership. We went into the showroom and got to sit in some pretty fancy cars. Eventually the salesman pulled up the GLC 300 and we went for a test drive. The graphics on the screen was even worse than the Alfa Romeo. But, the seats were super comfortable to be in. Over all the Mercedes was very comfortable to ride in, but my dad was looking for more of a sportier car. So, we left the Mercedes dealership.

My family is pretty used to BMW’s as my mom has a BMW and my dad had two BMW’s, so we had a salesman who knew us. My dad was hesitant to go to the BMW dealership because he knew that they would try to get him a new car now even though his lease is up in July, but I convinced him to go to the dealership. We talked to the salesman for a little bit at his computer to look for a car to test drive, but the salesman was determined to get us the car that day, so he keep trying. At first, he gave us a price on an X3 for way to much money. So, he offered for us to rent a loaner car. A loaner car means a car that the dealership gives to a customer when there car is getting serviced. So this car was technically “used”. But, it only had 4,000 miles and was a 2019 car. The deal that the salesman gave my dad was to good to resist so my dad gave in. We are now renting this car for 3 years for a very good price. Of course, before we took the car home, it was detailed. It took such a long time to be detailed that by the time it was done it was night time. Before we left, the salesman asked if I wanted to sit in his Corvette and I obviously said yes. He let me sit in the driver seat and turn the car on. He also let me rev the car ! It was so cool. Then he took me for a ride in the car and went super fast, it was like being in a space ship. When we got back to the dealership, we took the car home.