It all started when I was on a field trip with my class.  We were going for a boat ride to Catalina Island, when Lily, Lizzy, Leah (my three best friends), and I were looking out of the window taking pictures.  “Wow! I think there’s a dolphin over there!” said Leah. They went over to the other side of the boat to look at the dolphin. I stayed at the window and stared at the waves and out into the distance.  For some reason my phone said that there would be blue skies today on the trip, but I looked at the path in front of us and saw storm clouds and dark waves. “I need to get my mind off the weather and back to having fun,” I said to myself.  I walked over to see what my friends were looking at.

While looking at the dolphins and otters, and hour passed by.  Suddenly, a huge wave came and slammed against the window so hard that it shattered the glass.  Then a bunch of people in uniforms came in holding inflatable rafts. My friends and I grabbed two.  Leah and Lizzy hopped in one, and Lily jumped into the other. ”Wait!” I shouted. I ran back and grabbed my binoculars.  Lizzy and Leah already escaped with the rest of the class, but Lily was still waiting. ”Come on, the class is almost gone!” she said.  I jumped from the slowly sinking ship to the raft. Just when I got on, another ten-foot wave was rearing up on us. ”Hold on to the raft!” I screamed, and we went under.

We got knocked out by the wave’s pressure and the only thing we remembered was the wave crashing down on us.  When I woke up, I was on a white sandy beach with a jungle inland. I was lying down on the sand. My throat dry and burning from the dry weather and the salt water.  A couple of seconds later I realized something was in my hand. I looked at it. It was the raft, but with one, tiny little problem. It had no air in it. I looked past it and saw Lily who was slowly waking up, also holding the raft.  “W-What happened?” she asked. We both sat up, criss-cross applesauce style. “I think we got stranded on an island, “I said. I looked at the raft again. “It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting home any time soon,” I said.” Ugh,” Lily groaned.  “You stay here, if I’m not back in five minutes, start screaming my name,” I said, and then walked off into the jungle of bamboo, yucca, palm, willow and other types of plants and trees. I walked in a straight line so I could find my way back. I was looking for a pond or any source of freshwater.  Finally, I found one. It was a little stream that didn’t seem to have any connection to the Ocean, so I knew it was fresh water. I walked back to Lily who had been sitting in the shade of a tree.” I found water,” I said. “But we shouldn’t drink it unless we have something to eat. I’m sure I read somewhere about how fresh water, from lakes and stuff, makes you even hungrier than you were before.”” Great now you made me think about food,” Lily said.  “I found a great place to make a shelter,” she said proudly. We got up and I followed her a little bit further down the beach. When I saw it I said, “It’s perfect.” It was a wide rock about our height. “We can cut down some trees and put them around the rock to make a wall. We’ll leave a place open in the wall to go in and out like a door,” she said. I could all ready picture it. “Well, let’s get started,” I said. “I’ll get something to use as an axe or a knife.” “OK, I’ll find something we could use to make the shelter,” she said.  And we set off. I went in a straight line again and walked.

It took ten minutes until I found something we could use.  It was a big stick that was about five feet long. But the special thing was that it had a slightly sharp point on one end.  “I could sharpen that with a rock or a seashell,” I said to myself. I picked it up and went back to the campsite. When I got back I found Lily very excited.” I’ve got something we could use,” she said.  I followed her around a bunch of trees. “Ta-da!” It was yucca I thought. “We can use it to tie bamboo together to make a wall,” she said.  “Great idea Lily,” I said.” I found a sharp stick that we can sharpen with a seashell.” I went to the beach to find one.  I found a pink seashell that was sharp and sat down in the shade to start sharpening. It took a long time but when I finally finished, it was as sharp as a steak knife.  I went over to the yucca and started to whack at one of the leaves. I got one of the leaves off and took it to Lily. “Good. Now try to cut down a couple of pieces of bamboo,” she said.  I set off again into the jungle with my stick. The sun was getting high.

I started cutting down the bamboo.  One… now two… now three. By the time I went back to the campsite, it was probably about two o’clock.  “Now cut them into three foot pieces,” she said calmly.” How about you do it and I take a break please?” I said slightly annoyed.  She got up and started cutting. When she was done, she started weaving the yucca strips she had made in and out of the bamboo. Soon we had a huge wall.  “Well done,” I said. We started lining up the wall with the rock and made sure to leave a part open so we could go in and out. “Next step,” I said.” Dinner.” “I know how to fish?” said Lily.  “You do that while I make a fire,” I said. When I couldn’t see her anymore, I started the fire. I went into the forest and got some wood and collected some stones. I put the stones in a circle in front of our shelter.  “Now how am I going to make a fire,” I said. Then I realized that I had a lighter. I lighted the wood. I went back to the stream that I found and carried some water back to the campsite. I carried it a fallen palm tree leaf that I had washed off.  A minute later Lily came back with two whole fish in her hands. “I caught some fish,” she said. We took sticks, stuck them in the fish, and started cooking them over the fire. We ate dinner and went to bed.

The next day we ate more fish for breakfast.  “We need to make a raft,” said Lily. “Out of bamboo, yucca, and maybe some willow.” “And maybe I could carve oars out of wood,” I said.” But how do know which way to go?” Lily asked.  I looked at the waves, at the beach, and at the horizon. Then I noticed the gray clouds. I stood up, licked my finger, and held it up in the air. The wind was facing us. “We landed on this beach because of big waves that came from a storm right,” I said.  “Right,” said Lily. “Well there’s a storm coming and the wind is blowing the same way we came from and the ship was going against the waves. So, if we go with the waves…” “We’ll end up on the California shores again,” finished Lily. “Exactly.”

We set to work.  I cut down the bamboo and the yucca and she wove and made strips of yucca.  When I was taking a break, I went to the pond to get more water. That’s when I noticed the giant cork tree right next to the pond.  I ran back to Lily. “I found a cork tree!” I said a bit out of breath. “That’s awesome! Cut some off so we can plug the bamboo please,” she said.  ” Why do we need to plug the bamboo?” I asked.” Because if we don’t, it will fill the bamboo which will make it too heavy to carry us and might make it sink,” she said smartly.  “Also, can you collect some sap please?” I nodded and went back to get the materials.

When we finally finished, the storm was already there.  We got on the raft and paddled around the island so the waves would carry us.  I looked behind us. There was a big wave about to come down on us. “Go! Paddle!” I yelled.  We paddled and paddled.” Drop the oars and hold on to the handles!” (Lily made handles in case we needed to hold on).  We went under and again, we got knocked out. When we woke up, we were on the Santa Monica beach. “Back home.”