Mia is one of my closest friends and I have a lot of memories with her. One of which was when I went over to her house and we wanted to play twister, but she could not find her twister mat. So, we made our own in her front yard, with chalk. And then, we filled each circle with shaving cream, so when we would step or put our hands on one circle, we would land in a shaving cream pile. But, we got bored after a while, so we started having a shaving cream fight and it got everywhere. Even in our mouths. Then, we wanted to go take a bath with our clothes on, to wash off all the shaving cream, but her Dad suggested that we just jump in the pool. So we did. And we got shaving cream in the pool, too. That was really fun and since Mia had mascara on, and it was not waterproof, she looked like she just got dumped on prom night.

Another memory I had with her was when her mom made us try on her old dresses and we were laughing so hard because we did not like them and we looked “bad” in them.

Another memory was Spirit Night at Skateland. That was a really fun night. Mostly because I have not gone skating in a long time, maybe even since I was 9, so it brought back a lot of memories. And it was super fun falling with most of my friends. Although I had multiple bruises on my feet and my shoulders were very sore the next day, I still enjoyed it very much, especially falling with Mia. We would cling onto the walls in the beginning and would fall on each other even though we were just standing there.

Another memory was our friend Lexie’s birthday party. We were in a van because there were a lot of us. We were going to Benihanas for dinner and we all got out of the van. I was talking to my friend and I hear Lexie’s mom gasp and I looked over and Mia was on the floor. Apparently, Mia fell out of the van and scraped her leg. It might not seem funny now, but it was hilarious at the time.

Another memory was her birthday party when we went to an escape room.  That was actually so much fun and now, I’m obsessed with escape rooms, even though I have not gone to one since then. But afterwards, Mia and I and two of our other friends went back to Mia’s home and had a sleepover. And early the next day, we went swimming in the pool for more than 2 hours.

Mia is a really special friend to me and I’m so glad that I met her and started hanging out with her. At first, I thought she was very quiet and shy, but after getting to know her better. I realized how fun and outgoing she actually is.