Summer Breaks Should Be Longer

Many people are arguing that summer break needs to be shorter. Those people do not realize how important summer break is to us, the students. If we did not have summer breaks, our lives would be a lot worse. If anything, summer breaks should be longer. Students need summer breaks.

You have nothing to worry about during summer break. According to the Methacton School District, “You do not have to worry about school work, plus you can make more money, go on vacation, and hang out with friends. Worrying about school work definitely makes life more stressful.” School work is one of, if not, the most stressful things in students’ lives. While we are on break, obviously students do not need to worry about school related things. Without any tests or homework to worry about, students are more free to enjoy themselves over summer break. It is a relief to know you don’t have any work to do.

Summer breaks gives students a chance to go outside. On person on argued, “Kids need to go out and explore the world. Not just the recess yard. And teens? They just stay In a building pretty much all day!” Schools force their students to sit inside all day. By the time school ends, there isn’t much time to do anything else so students go back to their homes rather than go places. Summer breaks are the perfect time to hang out with your friends and travel. If summer breaks were made shorter, students would never be able to visit new places. Yes, we have time to hang out in the other breaks given to us, but the next paragraph explains why it is harder to do that.

It is easier to travel in the summer. On, it says, “Holiday breaks are great time for students to spend time with family but they are usually the busiest time of year too. Students, by law, have to be in school for a total of 175-180 days. Schools take days out of the summer to add to the holiday breaks. Holiday breaks are wonderful times for families to get together, but the airfare can be very expensive at those times.” This article explains why it is difficult to travel during holiday breaks. However, during the summer it is a lot easier to travel with your family. If breaks were to be made shorter, students wouldn’t be able to travel. While it is nice to travel for fun, some students travel to visit relatives. It isn’t uncommon to have a relative that lives far away from you, and if you didn’t have long summer breaks you would not be able to visit them. Plus, it is nice to travel for fun.

School starts in some of the hottest months of the year. According to, “There will be other benefits, as well. Eliminating from the school calendar two of the hottest months of the year can only lower utility bills in the long run, not to mention the students’ comfort.” No student wants to come to school in the burning heat. I have had multiple experiences where while it has hot outside, the air conditioner in my classroom was not working. Not to mention, we would have to go outside for P.E.