The Goat Party

On April 9, 2019 the goats (Bleu, Stitch, Oreo, and Rio) turned 1. They have been on the farm at our school in the back in the horticulture area.

It was a normal school day for me but after school a lot of things happened. I brought cookies to the party. Everyone brought at least one thing. We all helped decorate the goat pen with safe things that wouldn’t do any harm to the goats. We were going to make a small buffet for the goats but we didn’t have the time.

The party didn’t start until the parents came. We all ate and after that we got to play with the goats and the chickens. I didn’t do any of that because I was busy making a new friend. I spent most of the time talking to a girl named Tori. She was really nice and we talked and began to get to know each other. We talked about a lot of things that we experienced at Hale. I felt happy that I got to meet someone new. After she left I went with the chickens.

I went to the chicken coop for the last time. When I went in all I did was look for my favorite chicken named Toothless. She is one of the nicest chickens you’ll ever meet, but make sure that if you ever hold her that she might poop. I also learned a couple things while at the goat party. The goats will always choose you if you have food (I guess I’m a goat too) no matter what.

Who goes to a party and not bring gifts? I got them a bag of carrots. I personally think they loved it. I had a fun day with the goats. My favorite one is definitely Bleu, after all she is the only female. I fed the carrots to the goats and you could say they almost pinned me down. The thing about goats is that they are ridiculously fun to be around if you have food. All I know is that if you go in with your favorite clothes, I’m telling you that you best be careful. On their birthday I brought the clothes I don’t really like so I could sit next to them and allow them to chew on my clothing. I made friends with Bleu. I sat next to her and I was feeding her carrots and shoe laces. Later then a goat named Stitch (the brown goat) came along and began throwing horns at Bleu.

The time came when the parents came so we all began to eat. I ate pizza and popcorn. After I ate I played more with the goats. They all came running towards me because I had carrots in my pockets. I just plopped on the floor and allowed them to eat the carrots. This was also the last day of the class that I paid for. I had fun while at this class but I am very sad that I will never be able to come back and go inside the pens.