Wack Friends

Now everyone has friends, everyone needs friends. Now your friends are some of the most influential people in your life and can really shape you and your future. Now I’m definitely only writing this article to express my appreciation for my friends and not because I have no article ideas but either reason is a good reason.

Mutual Senpai: Mutual Senpai is arguably my most reliable friend and the person I trust most. Whenever something happens to me, good or bad, they are usually the first person I tell. They have recently been giving me advice and been by my side through these rough recent months. I actually knew Mutual Senpai in sixth grade but back then he was a bully and I hated him. Oh how things have changed, since seventh grade they’ve been a stable friend and always by my side. They also give great advice for edgy teenagers, but all the advice they have is from anime so take it with a grain of salt, even though it’s usually right. Mutual Senpai is also accepting of my weirder side and his own kicks. I could see him being my friend for a while as he’s the most trustworthy, but he won’t go to the same high school next year. : (

Moan Boy: Moan Boy has no shame. He is relentless. As his name suggests, he loves to wreak havoc among the lunch area with his talents and unmatched experience. He often hides behind our eventual deaths as a way to basically say it doesn’t matter how much he damages his reputation because we all end one day. Though this is true you shouldn’t use it to tear down your reputation at school as it will still affect your life here on Earth. Moan Boy however, does have a more mature side to him. He can use his intelligence to take control of a situation if necessary and even as much as he mumbles, can take on the role of a leader. However, do not trust Moan Boy with anything, as he will embarrass you about it to no end simply because it’s really funny, unless you’re on the receiving end. Maybe one day Moan Boy can realize his actions have consequences, all in due time.

Bad Memory: Bad Memory is a bit of my more reserved friends. I have basically no classes with him except the same PE period, yet we still hang out at lunch and nutrition. Bad Memory has one really key feature, his bad memory. He will often repeat the same question multiple times and forget small important details, but justifies his actions do to simply “not caring.” He and I may not have many common views, we respect each other (unlike this one kid who used to be my friend *cough cough*). However, sometimes he can try to force his interests down our throats but if we explain to him that we don’t really care he lays off. Bad Memory is a good guy at the end of the day, and I always save him some respect.

I could go over many more friends of mine, but these three are the most important to me, and a good article always stays within the range of 500-600 words, so I gotta wrap it up. But these were some of the friends of mine that matter the most and I’ll leave it at that.