The Mamba Center

The Mamba Center is a sports academy for young kids and teens that want to train in certain sports. This place opened in 2016, but will be re branded by famous former Los Angeles Lakers player Kobe Bryant, hence the name of the center (The Mamba Center), because his nickname is the “Black Mamba” (a type of snake). The center is over/around 100,000 square feet. The Mamba Center even trains young athletes in e-sports. This place sounds really fun, and I’d like to go check it out. It is located in Thousand Oaks, California, so it’s somewhat close by.

The Mamba Center has five basketball courts, five volleyball courts, two beach volleyball courts, a football field, esports game training area, baseball batting cages, a pitching mound, and even a jiu jitsu school. This place sounds really fun, even for aspiring NBA players, since Kobe Bryant himself owns the place, and maybe even trains people there. I’m going to a place in Thousand Oaks soon, so maybe while I’m there I can go and check out the place, and see everything.

In my opinion this is really great for everyone that wants to do better individually in their specific sport, and as a teammate. This can easily spread and become a franchise all over the United States which would be awesome. The idea is amazing and I’m happy that someone actually did something like this, because it’s super awesome.

Since 2016, over 50,000 young athletes have signed up for the program. According to Kobe Bryant, he also tries to train the kids to have a “Mamba Mentality.” By “Mamba Mentality”, he means how to have a good mindset and be able to do stuff that others can’t, and to be smarter. The Mamba Center was finished in January of this year, so it’s fairly new.

According to Bryant, the center is supposed to be a place where everyone can “evolve and have fun.” I think everyone is very excited to see what happens with this place and how it works out with everyone that signed/signs up for the sports academy.  Honestly, I’m tempted to sign up for this, cause this program sounds awesome, and I love to play basketball. I would definitely recommend this to tons of sports players because the center sounds awesome, and you may even get special training from Kobe himself! Kobe even published a book in 2016, called “Mamba Mentality.” The book tells how Kobe plays and how he is able to keep a good mindset/how to handle all of his problems with sports. Kobe even received an academy award for his great animated short film, about his life as a kid, and his life as an adult, and what role basketball/sports played for him when he was young, especially basketball.

Kobe Bryant also became a hall of famer, when he retired in 2016. He started his career in basketball when he was drafted to the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. It may have seen like a really long time since he has retired, yet it was only three years ago. I think everyone will/do miss Kobe for a while, but he was getting pretty old for the basketball game and it was time for him to retire.