Balloons are pretty cool. If you don’t know what they are, they are just empty rubber containers that when filled with any type of gas, expands to more than twice it’s original size. Balloons have many different uses, from being used as decorations to being used to create great masterpieces. That’s I am going to be talking about today. The human mind is so great and superior to other animal brains that it has figured out how to create varying degrees of shapes with only ellipsoids to work with. Even though the balloons have great elasticity and are able to bend in almost all degrees of motion, it is still amazing how humans are able to create complex shapes and designs with only using ellipsoids.

The One where They Tried too Hard

Believe it or not, this sculpture was mainly made out of balloons and what looks like adhesives and metallic rods to keep up the entire, gigantic sculpture. Just based on looking at the picture gives you an idea of how much time it would have taken to create this. It would have taken days and some of those days could have been days where the creator could have lost inspiration. Those days would have added to the total amount time it would have taken and that gives you a probably sleep deprived human who is spending his life on something that he/she probably is passionate for. When this creation was finished, the creator could have gone famous. The creator could have shown their friends and he would have been the cool kid on the block, that one kid who always had the newest and coolest toys, games, and other stuff that us normal people will always want but will never get. The creator probably had all the news channels and other media outlets knocking on his/her door getting famous overnight.

The Almighty One

The pinnacle of balloon creations. All of humanity’s intelligence gathered in one almighty, omnipotent being. This shows the true evolution of mankind, the human race coming from less-intelligent ape-like beings to the all-knowing, omnipotent creatures that we humans race have now evolved into. In the picture, you can see the intricate details that we have placed into this magnificent art form. The number of hours and dedication that we, the human race, have put into this creation must be so large that it is greater than the grains of sand in the Sahara Desert. The hours poured into this creation was worth it. Now the future generations have something to idolize, to worship, something to get them through the hard times. This can help the future generations progress to a greater species, making their generation the best generation, much to the other generations disagreement. The progression of the human race is depending on whether or not this balloon can last multiple generations, to inspire them and guide them to a brighter future.

These balloon creatures are just examples of how great the human race is and how, humans can take a simple, ellipsoid, and turn it into a creation with intricate shapes and details.