Brawl Stars Strategy part 9: Carl and Frank

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Carl and Frank both have unique supers and mechanics. Both supers are lethal even to brawlers with higher levels. Carl does so much damage while increasing is movement speed so there is no chance to run away. Getting hit with Frank’s super makes you wanna just give up and leave the game because you have died no matter what.

Carl is the newest brawler added to the game. He throws a pickax that comes back to him like a boomerang. He has 4840 health and 704 attack damage but it does double the damage if you hit the opponent on the way back. Carl’s super is what makes Carl… Carl. He swing his pickax around at a fast speed doing 440 damage per hit. This also increases his movement speed that makes him look like a tornado. He is a miner that is riding in a mine-cart that has a giant yellow helmet that has goggles attached to them so he can see. His star power is very convenient because it allows your pic to go and return faster. This is very convenient because the worst feeling is probably throwing you pickax and missing because you just have to look at them while they are shooting you and you are helpless while waiting for your pic to come back. Carl’s pickax also comes back quicker if it hits the wall on the way out. It bounce of the wall allowing it to easily return. If you are near a wall with an enemy you can get an extra three hits (I am exaggerating). If you end up playing Carl a whole lot you will eventually learn how to arc your pickax. If your enemy is behind a wall you can throw your pic in their direction and strafe to the left or right (depending on their and your position) in order for your pic to hit them on the way back. Carl’s pickax doesn’t react to walls on the way back to prevent your pickax from getting stuck on the other side of a wall.

Frank… I really just don’t want to talk about this brawler but, for the sake of the article I will. I have lost so much trophies in solo showdown because of franks just destroying me. ALWAYS REMEMBER, you are never safe (even if you are behind a wall) if Frank has his super. Frank has 7250 making him extremely tanky. His basic attack does 1500 damage. There is one disadvantage to his attack. He has to stop in order to do an attack. For his attack he charges up his hammer and slams it on the ground doing damage in a cone in front of him. His super does the same damage but it has a longer range and radius, it can break walls, and it stuns anyone hit for forever. His star power is very lethal. If he kills someone he takes their life essence and he gains plus forty percent attack damage to anybody in the next ten seconds. There is nothing much to say about him. Just charge your super and dominate.