The hidden city of Cornacopolis

Once upon a time a kid named Alex ran up a very tall hill where his house was. He was never made it to the top of the hill because of how tall it was. The mother of this child was a very nice woman but she was only home one hour every week because of her job. The fathers name was Rob. Alex lived with his father Rob all the time but there was something very bad about this because Rob was an alcoholic. Whenever Rob would drink he would beat Alex and hit him with his belt.One day Alex was sick of it and ran away before his dad could get to him.

He ran up the hill so fast that he got there in ten seconds. When he got up the hill he looked down at the house hoping Rob did not follow him which he did not. Alex took a breathe for a second and was relieved that he got away. He turned around and saw something he never expected he would see. He saw a big portal. He ran up to the portal, touched it and fainted. The next day he woke up wondering where he was. He looked around and saw himself in a big city with a sign that said Cornacopolis.

Alex walked up to the city and saw a big floating car go flying through the sky. He wondered how long he was knocked out for but he was scared when he saw an Alien looking creature walk up to him. The thing stood still until his face popped out and asked Alex if he was okay. Alex thought he was hallucinating and acted like it was normal and said yeah. The alien told him where he was and asked him why he looked so weird.

Alex said that he was not from there and said he went through a portal to get there The alien explained that the portal only opens up once every four years. Alex passed out again with the fact that he wont see his family for four years and does not understand this new world that he has to spend the next four years in a world he did not understand. They had different languages to learn and different things to earn.The people were there for piece and quiet because the outside world was cruel and deadly while this world was happy and golden and gave life something to appreciate.

Alex realized how good this world can be with no worries, no fights, and no money. You get whatever you want as long as it does not hurt anybody and their government agrees with your decision. It is a world of fantasy and fun and anything you could ever ask for with no price. Alex realized what he can learn and do for the world outside. The things he can explain and help the real world with. Alex followed the alien to a big golden skyscraper where the council of Cornacopolis. They went up the elevator to the 2,000 floor where the council would be waiting for them.

Alex got to the council and stood and looked at them. The alien gave him a glare sending him into a big clear world. The alien  showed him his past and Alex decided to stay. He spent the next four years happily training and stayed there until he felt like forgiving his father for all the unnecessary beatings and pain. Four years later the portal opened and Alex walked back out to reality and ran inside his house. He saw his parents sitting on the couch and ran up to them. They asked where he had been all this time and he decided to show them. They followed Alex up the hill when they saw the massive portal. Alex told them what happens when they go to in to the portal and they all walked in.

They all walked in and saw the big city of Cornacopolis. Alex had never been so happy because both of his parents were smiling all the time and having fun and they never had worries again. They went back to the house every 4 years just to see the memories there.