Why is this happening

It was an ordinary day in Winston avenue when girl named Maddy just got to school. Maddy is a fourteen year old who just moved from a different country. She is new to school but she is somehow finding meany friends. It was her first class of school and she was getting nervous. She entered the class with many people looking at her but she simply ignored and took a seat Maddy hasn’t been the happienies lately because her grandma died and she had to leave her friends to go to a different school. The bell rang and the teacher started talking after ten minutes or so her stomach started to hurt even more.

She was sick of ignoring this issue so she simply raised her had and asked the teacher to go use the restroom. The teacher looked at her blankly. His face was expressing that Maddy did something wrong and the teacher replied with ” You should of used it before school started but since your new go a head.” She speed walked to the bathroom feeling the pain getting worse she finally got to the bathroom and saw a deep hole with a very tempting glow inside so she went in ignoring the fact that the pain was just getting worse.

She went into the cave and started following the glow she completely ignored everything behind her and just kept following the glow. She fell into a pit with a variety of many doors. She opened the doors each door with different tools and random materials. She kept opening different doors and finally found one with a glow she jumped  into the dorr and fell into what she thought was a bottomless pit. She yelled for a while and finally landed to see meany people with all the same dull expression.

Maddy was feeling a lot of different emotions. She was mad, sad and confused what all the people were doing there. She took a seat because she was trying to take in all the weird events that just occured. Maddy started talking to one of the people there, she asked him two questions one was “how long have you been here” the man replied with two years she instant shed a tear when she heard this statement. Then she asked “how did you get here” the man simply replied by saying “same way you did.” Maddy started having flashbacks about the doors and had an idea.

She asked the man one more question “have you tried escaping or you fear getting injured.” The man looked at her and said how in gods nation are we supposed to get above a two hundred feet pit. She picked up the man and took him to the doors and started opening them one by one collecting the tolls and putting it into her backpack. She told the man “Run back I got this.” She went back to the pit through up a sort of grappler she found in the door and yelled at the people “hurry up!” everyone ran up and they lived happily ever after.