SALTY NERDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hullo hullo! This article’s dedicated to one of my amazing friend groups: The SALTY NERDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)! If you didn’t know, that face is a Lenny Face. It looks weird on computers, but it’s how our friend group is represented, shown-off, flexed on ;), and our mascot! I guess! There’s really no origin behind the Lenny Face for our friend group as I simply added to our group chat because Lenny Faces are just so goddamn hot. Just kidding. Now, why would I write an article about my friend group? It’s definitely not because I couldn’t think of an article idea pshhh you’re crazy for coming up with such a conclusion! Since I won’t be seeing this great yippy kai yay of an amazing group in high school, I decided to write an article about them.

Mmmmmmm our friend group is such a fat mess though haha. We got the people who ain’t on that happy happy side, the jokers, and the “adults.” Most of the time we talk about the most stupid things eber. And there’s sometimes where some issues need to be addressed. And every once a while, an argument arises. Sometimes it gets resolved, and sometimes things kind of go the direction we don’t want it to go. But eventually, it works out. Now as I’m definitely not running out of things to say, I shall introduce every single member of our friend group (with special nicknames *winky face*).

Cereal Box: I’ve been friends with Cereal Box since 6th grade! They’re very loyal, caring, and super generous. They are one the “leaders,” in the sense where they’re always able to get everyone’s attention and “lead” them.

Mari Baek: Mari Baek is one of the few, few, FEW people who I can trust, to the most degree. They are also one of the few people who I share a good amount of interests with.

The Violator: OH BOY. The Violator does what they do best: violating. They’re a pretty chill person, and they’re someone who doesn’t badly criticize people, so they’re a 10/10 amazing friend in my book.

Sims Murderer: Haha you saw that name right. They love to kill Sims. That’s an overstatement, but my point still stands. Also, Sims Murder is a very precious person to me ;).

Crayon Fanatic: Crayon Fanatic is someone who I just recently became close with. I’ve known them since 7th grade. We kind of “gang up” on them for their interest in “crayons.”

Big Banana The Coward: Big Banana The Coward has been immediately defined. Nothing more. *winky face*

Jaemin Jung: Jaemin Jung has been so nice ever since I became friends with them! 99.9% of the time they’ve always offered to get me something from the ice cream truck. And they’re also dating Mari Baek :).

Wholesome Provider: Wholesome Provider is another friend I befriended this year, but I have heard of them a previous year. As the nickname suggests, they provide such wholesome content to me. They also have good knowledge of anime and has suggested one that I’m loving so far.

Good With Hands: What a strange nickname, right? Psh Good With Hands is the nickname that perfectly describes them. I’ve known them since 7th grade, and I was sort of friends with them, but this year we got closer. Good With Hands also has no shame, like me, when doing certain things ;).

#MoreFabThanYou: Hmmm good luck guessing this gender. #MoreFabThanYou has been my friend since 7th grade! We’ve had our disagreements before, but they’re a good friend that also likes anime, so it evens out smoothly.

Mr. Saltae Saltae: Just because it says Mr does not mean it’s a guy! I dub Mr. Saltae Saltae as Mr. Saltae Saltae because they were always super salty whenever I beat them in a certain game.

Earlobe-Senpai: Oi don’t judge the nickname. Earlobe-Senpai and I have attached earlobes, they are older than me, and to a very small, minimum degree, I look up to them thus the nickname.

Delicious Hair: Delicious hair does have delicious hair!… just kidding… maybe. They’re the one and holy adult figure of our group chat. They say that they must look out for everyone, but in reality, THEY’RE the ones that need to be looked out on more often.

Shipping Material: The shipping I mean is the “OWO thEY’d MAkE a GOod COupLe/tHEy’Re sO cUtE.” They believe that no one ain’t gonna like them, but we ensure them that those all are lies.

Smooth Sruj: The nickname might be a big giveaway, but oh well. They’re very supportive, super funny, and a friend everyone should have.

“Twinsies Are My Favorite”: Let’s not get into detail for this nickname. I’ve actually known them since 6th grade, but just a few months started hanging out again. They may or may not “agitate” quite a few people, but they’re cool.

Rocks+Cars=Let’s Do It: ANOTHER nickname we shouldn’t go into detail for. We were pretty close in 7th grade, but this year we’re just on acquainted terms I guess. But they’re still a pretty great person!

Death The Kid: Hmph this person is obsessed with that anime character, but no shame! They’re such a supportive friend, the most supportive person to people in general in my opinion, and a great advice giver.

Flugzeug: Flugzeug is “airplane” in German by the way. Flugzeug always yells out “Flugzeug!” whenever an airplane passes by in school. They’re probably the most talented in our friend group, and definitely super underrated in our friend group as well, which I don’t approve of.

Swiggity Swooty: AHAHAHA, Swiggity Swooty is so silly and quirky! I can be my full-self around them because they’re so comforting and I’m just as quirky as them. Lately, they’ve been feeling lonely and not loved, but they’re such a fun person to be around!

The Vice President: I’m pretty sure I’ve known the Vice President since 6th grade, but I know I’ve talked to them from time to time in the past. Now we talk a lot, and I, myself, officially appointed them as vice president of our friend group.

Passion Tea: This nickname is even more of a dead giveaway than Smooth Sruj. Passion Tea just came last semester, and we got along right off the bat!

Man-Bun Man: This nickname is old, so I don’t think many people will be able to figure out who this is. But, they used to have long hair, and I remember how much I wanted to see that man bun! But that long hair has been long gone. They’re in my PE class and a pretty chill person!

3 Times In A Row: We don’t go in-depth with this nickname. Never. Just like Swiggity Swooty, I can easily be myself around this person. Also, like Swiggity Swooty, they don’t know how much they’re appreciated and not loved.

Here Comes A Thought: Here. Comes. A. Thought. Someone I’ve been friends with since elementary school. They’re the only friend I have left from elementary school that I still talk. I wouldn’t survive middle school without this crazy person.

Genie Lamp: Their head is so naked. It’s like a genie lamp. Nothing else to say.

Beats Me To Every Place: Oh I was having a rough time coming up with the right nickname for this person. Alas, I stuck with “Beats Me To Every Place.” Pretty funny and chill person.

Woo. I’m tired. Okay, that’s it.