My Baseball game on Saturday

I woke up early in the morning at about seven o’clock. I put my bag and cleats in the car. Then, I put on my  tennis shoes and we drove to the baseball field. I felt good today because I woke up early and went to bed early.  We were playing the first place team. When we got to the field I went to the batting cages and hit hard hits. I was ready to hit in the game. We warmed up and then the game began. We were the home team so we went into the field first.

The kid that was pitching was throwing about sixty miles an hour. I was excited because if I square the ball up on the bat then it will go far. So we had two outs, people on second and third base, and I was up. The pitcher had two strikes on me. I saw a pitch coming right down the middle. I hit it so far that it hit the bottom of the fence. I was so excited, I thought it was going to be a home run. Everybody looked up. I know that because my dad took a video. When I hit it the ump even looked up. It was so funny because he took his mask off too. I looked up also, until the ball dropped and I realized that the ball hit the bottom of the fence. But I scored the two runs from the hit.

That was my first hit that went that far. When I got in the dugout all of my teammates were so excited too. They said that the ball was almost over and how they all thought that the ball was going to go out of the park. I caught a fly ball in center field and a couple of innings went by. I was up to bat and a slow pitcher. He only threw about forty miles an hour. I saw a pitch come right down the middle and I hit a hard line drive to center field. At that point the other team only had one run and we had six. We knew that we had this game in the bag. I was calm and ready to hit again. So we had a couple more hits and runners on second and third again. I was up to bat and hit a hard line drive to left field. I scored both of the runs but out at second. I was so mad because I realized that the reason I got out was because I was watching the ball instead of sprinting.

Of course all of my coaches picked me up. They said that I scored both of the runs, and that I was a hero for that reason. Then the last play was me throwing someone out at home plate. I had a great game. And I love when I do because I fell so hyper and great when we get in the car.