Why I Love Summer Camp

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I adore summer camp. I just started going to an overnight camp last year, but I went to day camp for all of elementary school. I’m going to the same overnight camp I went to last year again this year and I’m really excited. My favorite thing about summer camp is the fact that phones aren’t allowed (at least they aren’t at mine). It leads to making really great friends. My camp is only a week long, but I have stronger connections with the kids at camp than I do with people I see all year at school. It solves my main problem with a lot of my friends. I hate hanging out with 95% of my friends because they are addicted to their phones. I try to have engaging conversations with my friends but it’s really hard when they’re staring at their phone the entire time.

Another thing I love about camp is how yourself you can be there. My camp is only kids from OC, which I love because I don’t have to see them outside of camp. I don’t restrict myself or hide any part of my personality at camp because I don’t have to. Everyone at camp seems comfortable with each other and more importantly, themselves. Only at camp do I ever see angsty teenage boys singing and dancing freely. However, there are things I hate about camp. At my camp, they made us drink 6 9 Oz. cups of water with every meal. For the first 3 days, I had to pee every twenty minutes. It was really, really, really, annoying. I mean, I could’ve lied about how much water I drank, but lying reflects poorly on my character. The food at camp is also really mediocre. I obviously don’t go for the food, but eating three very bland meals a day is not my favorite thing in the world. I honestly wish my camp was longer. The week went by so fast last year! I was going to go to a longer camp this year but I wanted to see my friends from last year again. Plus, the other camp was in Michigan, and I didn’t feel like flying out there.

My least favorite thing about camp was all the religious stuff we had to do. My camp isn’t directly religious, but it’s a YMCA camp. We had to sing about Jesus right when we woke up and right before we went to bed. I hated it. I’m technically Jewish, my family is at least. Personally, I’m non-religious. I hate to say it, but I’m actually kind of against religion. I think it divides us. However, I’m very accepting and I don’t discriminate against anyone for their religion. I just don’t want to be a part of it. I think it’s wrong that they say they’re non-religious and then make us sing about Jesus.

Even though there are things I hated about camp, it was really fun. I’m very excited to be going back EVEN IF I have to sing about Jesus and stuff.