Random Topics

Since I had no time at all to have any ideas to write about in the articles. So I just decided to talk about random topics.

When you look at YouTube comments from some old rock band, you usually see people trash pop. Most of these people just come off as snobbish and act like superior beings. Like, ” You listen to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, well I listen to music that only intellectuals listen to like pink Floyd and Queen!” The situation can get worse if it’s something like rap or hip hop. I’m not a big fan something like Ariana Grande. In fact, I love queen and started listening to pink Floyd. But if you come as across as snobbish and as a pseudo intellectual. It kind of makes you look like a massive turd. The usual comment sounds like, “I’m 5 or whatever but this sounds WAAY better than the JUNK we have today.” (Bonus if he says born in the wrong generation)

Another I forgot to mention is the people that mention the generation their were born in. Like you could easily find one of those comments even in a video from 5 years. But these types of people don’t realize that this generation is probably the best. Due to how in some generations, you either had to buy a album to check out a band or listen to the radio. And everyone knows that radio stations play friendly songs for revenue. I highly recommend you watch Filthy frank’s born in the wrong generation. In order to stretch out this article because I’m writing this at 3 am and with a project I have to do. I’ll just resort to talking about bands. So queen is a great band but they didn’t have the greatest time in the 80’s. Queen just have this god status around them that it seems threatening to talk about. Their only song that is well known in that era was under pressure. However, their last two albums with Freddie Mercury made them good again. I wished I had more time to write more about this but I’m running out of time.

Moving on, beach boys lost album smile is one of the greatest what ifs  in music history. I mean their last album was pet sounds and if you heard how influential it was. Like inspiring the Beatles to make Sargent peppers  which made even a bigger impact. I mean some of the songs in that album would have been considered extremely innovative. It could have changed the landscape of music for all we know. It’s mighty shame of what of the leader of the beach boys Brian Wilson went through. Wilson broke down after listening to Strawberry fields forever and stopped working on his album because he thought one of his songs caused a fire. Not to mention that he was mentally unstable due to the stress and drugs. In fact, this is so interesting that I should probably write a article about this. This is probably the worst article and ranks below the articles I wrote in 7th grade.

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