My Unpopular Opinions

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I’d say I’m a pretty opinionated person. I like what I like and I hate what I don’t like. So, my first unpopular opinion is, Cardi B is the worst. I hate Cardi B. I always have. I didn’t like Bodak Yellow and I really disliked I Like It. I don’t agree with her being as big of a star as she is. She doesn’t even write a lot of her material. Plus, she’s an awful person. She should’ve been immediately cancelled the second the news broke of what she did to those men. The worst part is, people are trying to justify what she did. I hate to say it, but she’s only getting away with it because she’s a woman. When a man gets outed for drugging women, it’s a big deal, but in this case, because she’s a woman, it isn’t.

Shane is problematic. I wan’t to preface this by saying I love Shane. I’ve been watching him for over three years. However, I feel like he gets away with a lot more than he should. The cat joke was disgusting. The way he said it really irked me. He sounded completely serious. Just because he said it was a joke after the fact, should we really believe him? Especially considering how serious he sounded. I feel like he’s only getting away with it because he’s loved by the internet, but he’s said some really messed up stuff in the past and I don’t think it’s fair that he’s getting away with it.

Amy Schumer isn’t funny. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion at this point. It seems like most people hate her. She doesn’t seem to realize that crude doesn’t always mean funny. There are plenty of comedians who do crude right. She’s definitely not one of them. Also, she’s a serial joke stealer, which is a serious offense to me. It was also pretty weak of her to make Netflix get rid of their rating system because she was butthurt. My biggest problem with her is how she can’t accept people not liking her. She always seems to mix up people not liking her (and having completely valid reasons as to why) and them being sexist. All in all, Amy Schumer is unfunny, problematic, and generally just the worst.

Orange juice is gross. It just is. It’s way too acidic. It hurts my throat. Also, for some reason, it really hurts my stomach when I drink it with breakfast. It’s not even good for you! There is way too much sugar in orange juice. You might as well be drinking soda for breakfast. Also, why is all breakfast food so sugary? I hate it! I don’t want a sugar rush first thing in the morning!

American media needs to stop attacking Ben Shapiro. I don’t agree with Ben Shapiro on a lot, however, I don’t think he should be as hated as he is. American media presents liberalism as the correct way of thinking. Conservatives are given a really bad rep in American media for expressing their opinions. It doesn’t seem fair to me. A great example of this was when he was threatened by a transgender woman and everyone was on her side. He was just expressing his views and got attacked by everyone there. She threatened that he would “be leaving in an ambulance” and everyone agreed with her! Just because he’s not liberal, doesn’t mean his opinions should be rejected, and he especially shouldn’t be threatened for it.