My Dream Vacation

I have a lot of places I want to go to, but there is one place I have never been and would like to go to. That’s place is called Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is my mom’s and my dream vacation. My dad thinks that Bora Bora is just a place to look at the water and get a tan. The reason why I love Bora Bora so much is because of the beautiful scenery and of course the tan that you get. I watch a lot of people going to Bora Bora and there rooms which they call a bungalow is literally right on the water. And if you go with tart. (A makeup brand) I think you can go for free, but I’m not sure. I think the best part about Bora Bora is when you first arrive you have to take a boat to get to where your room is and on the boat (from all the videos I’ve watched) the breeze on the boat is to die for. Another part I love about Bora Bora is you can wear your bathing suit everywhere, and get that good tan. You don’t have to but everybody does and you wont get judged. I don’t know how it is in the winter but in the summer the temperature is perfect.

When you go into the water, the water is so clear that you can see right through it. You know what comes best with clear water? Pictures. Because if you take an underwater picture you will be able to see everything. Also, underwater cameras are expensive so if you wanna go to Bora Bora, underwater cameras would be a really good investment in my opinion. When you go to the beach the weather is just perfect for swimming and it just makes everything better.

I’m pretty sure my dad wouldn’t mind my mom and I went on a girls trip to Bora Bora, because I would love that and I’m pretty sure my mom would love that to. Here are some fun things to do in Bora Bora. You can swim with the sharks. I’m really afraid of sharks because I don’t wanna get bitten. I was watching a video about one week ago of these people going to Bora Bora and they swam with the sharks. They said that the people who would take you to go see the sharks, that the shark spot was in a special spot for the people to supervise you really well and make sure that you don’t get bitten. The last thing that I’m going to share with you that you can do is a private morning snorkeling tour.

I’ve been to Hawaii and I snorkeled there and the water was pretty clear. So if you go snorkeling in Bora Bora, I bet the water is even clearer so you will be able to  see for fun and exciting things. I would love to snorkel in Bora Bora because if the water is really that clear you will be able to take awesome underwater photos!