Jordan “Why Not” Zer0.2 Review

If you’re a big fan of “Air Jordan” or basketball shoes, you’ll like this article. The Jordan “Why Not” Zer0.2 is an awesome basketball shoe. The shoe costs $125, and that’s cheap for a great basketball shoe like this. This basketball shoe was made by the Air Jordan brand but is Russell Westbrook’s (Point Guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder) signature shoe. The shoe is apparently supposed to represent Westbrook’s flashy style on and off the court. The shoe certainly does look crazy, but the colors grow on you. There are two different colorways (that I know of), that are pretty ugly, and you’d think that these shoes are the laughing stock of basketball shoes, yet they’re not. As ugly as these shoes are, everyone loves them. Everything about this shoe is pretty much great, there are at most three problems with the shoe. The shoes suction cup like traction on the bottom of the shoe is supposed to represent Russell Westbrook’s number, 0. The problem with this traction is that it easily gets ripped and kind of folds up, the traction is great itself, it’s just that the rubber isn’t that durable. Another problem you may have is getting the shoe on. The shoe is somewhat bulky, because there are two areas inside the shoe. On the inside there’s one area that goes under the soul, and then the soul goes over it, which makes the shoe kind of bulky/strong, since the shoe is heavily padded on the inside, don’t worry though, after a bit of breaking the shoe in, it’s easier to get your foot into that area, so the problem isn’t that bad. The bottom of the shoe also sucks up a lot of dust, but you can easily wipe it off the shoe if you want, since the dust might affect some of the traction.

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All in all, in my opinion, these shoes are awesome. I would highly recommend this to someone because it’s really comfortable, really good to play in, and just looks good in general. I can’t wait to be able to play in these over the summer league season. These shoes look pretty cool so maybe go try them out, if you want. The design of the shoe is also pretty cool, with all the good materials the shoe works well on the court, and off the court. These shoes work for anyone in any position of the game. All of this for a shoe that’s only $125, that’s amazing, because there are other shoes that are so expensive compared to the Jordan Why Not’s, and they aren’t even as great as the Why Not’s. Something cool about the design that I noticed was that on the front of the bottom of the shoe, in text it says “Why” on one shoe, and “Not?” on the other shoe. I think everyone would really enjoy this shoe, and it’s even a really big seller, even with the shoe’s colorway’s being ugly. The only thing is that the looks don’t matter, what matters is its performance, not the looks.