The Youtube Video

“Hey guys! Welcome back to my youtube channel!” I said, pretending to be cheerful. I had gotten pretty good at hiding my feelings lately. I mean with school, you can never show your true feelings in high school. And with my youtube channel, you have to get more viewers. You’re never going to get on the recommended page if you’re sad and depressed.

“So today I’m going to try some weird candy. I got this from a fan through mail,” I actually bought the candy myself, “Remember, you guys can send me whatever you want through my P.O box! The address is in the description down below! And while you’re down there, remember to hit the like button and subscribe to see more of my videos!”

After I had filmed the video, I told everyone to like, subscribe, and comment, follow my social media accounts. When I was putting everything away and throwing the wrappers away, I noticed my mouth tasted very weird. Well, yeah, I know what you’re thinking…”You just ate weird candies! Of course it’s gonna taste weird.” But it didn’t taste anything like any of the candies that I had eaten.

I went to the bathroom to wash my teeth because I had eaten a lot of disgusting things. Just for good measure, I brushed my teeth twice. But even after I had brushed my teeth, twice, and had eaten a mint, I could still taste that weird and disgusting taste in my mouth. I decided to ignore it for the moment because there still was a chance that it was one of the foods/candies that I had eaten before.

The next day, I wake up and I can STILL taste the weird thing in my mouth! I once again decided to ignore it for the moment and go on in the day. The thing was that it tasted really really bad. I ate multiple things to try to get the taste off. But nothing worked.

Since I ran out of options, I decided that my next best option was Google. I got on my computer, closed the tab that still had my unedited video on it, and opened Google. I typed in: Why does my mouth have a bad taste? And typed “Enter.” A bunch of parodies and weird things popped up but there was one article that caught my attention. I clicked on it and started reading.

I think it was a fictional thing because it was talking about how people that have weird taste in their mouth for a long time turn into superheroes after two nights. I was very confused so I kept reading. While I was reading, I was thinking to myself: What if I DO turn into a superhero?? Have I been the chosen one? Anyways, I fell asleep reading because those things just happen to me, I guess.

While I was asleep, I had a very interesting dream. Basically I had woken up and my tongue was gone so I couldn’t explain it to anybody because I couldn’t talk. But then I started flying unconsciously and touched the ceiling. Then the roof, since it couldn’t take my pressure apparently, flew off and I kept flying up and up and up. I couldn’t stop! Then I woke up….But the dream seemed way to realistic.