Best Pretzels

There are many incredible foods in the world but one stands out, the pretzel. There’s something about it that is just so good. Here are the best pretzels.

The Costco Ones Mr. McCabe Buys

I don’t know the brand name of these pretzels but to find out go to Mr. McCabe’s desk, you’ll see them. These are so good because of their mouthwatering taste. They are not soft but crunchy. They aren’t dull though, they are just as tasty if not more than some of the freshly cooked ones. These pretzels are the bomb so be sure to have your 5 answers or for now the answer to the test and the page number (7th graders only).

Wetzels Pretzels

Always in the mall, Wetzel’s Pretzels are very good fresh pretzels. The fresher they are the better they are. Always warm and salty (the way most want them). They also have multiple flavors such as cinnamon. They also have different styles like the pretzel bites and the hot dog thingys (I don’t know their name). But either way these are very good pretzels that taste great when shopping or just looking around at the mall.

Snack Factory 

Found at stores, the snack factory pretzels are different. They are thin, crunchier, and saltier. These are so good you can’t just have one. These pretzels aren’t too expensive either so they won’t break the bank. These are another brand that you can have if you want to try something different or not, I’m not your boss.


These pretzels are very common. I usually have them for lunch so I know these. There are different styles and flavors. Whatever they are these are still very good. They come in big bags or small pouches so you can control what you eat or so it’s easier to take to school, I don’t know! Whatever size you buy these still have the tastiness to be liked even thought they aren’t the flashiest thing around.

Auntie Annie’s 

I will refer to as AA. AA is very similar to Wetzel’s. They have many flavors and styles but have a different taste than Wetzel’s. But I just can’t explain it. Whatever, these pretzels are still very good when shopping and something I like to do is buy a bag of bites from both Wetzel’s and AA and mix which is pretty good. Have a try if you want to waste money.

Rold Gold

Lastly, the classic. Rold Gold has been around for years with the same great taste that is distinctive in this very similar industry. They are perfectly salty. But after a while these get boring which is good so you don’t eat too many. I feel these are a great brand and if you haven’t tried them you should quickly but don’t eat too many.

Now that you know these pretzel brands you can chose what you buy from the supermarket or the mall. You may not even like pretzels but whatever you do like go with that, don’t just listen to me a voiceless person on the Hale Telescope. Sorry I’m rambling. These are the best pretzel brands in my opinion, like always.