Walking Alone

It was a dark rainy in New hamster when a kid named Ben was really bored. Ben is a 14 year old kid who is really smart and is not a huge fan of sports. Ben’s mother is really proud of Ben’s grades but she constantly complain about how Ben is not active. Ben’s mom was not  home so Ben wanted to surprise her. There is a really large hill in Ben’s neighborhood so Ben decided to try to go all the way up and take a picture of himself on the top and send it to his mom.

So Ben left the house and went on his journey. Half way to the mountain Ben realized his mom ounce told him he cant be out alone after eight thirty because really bad things happen and it was only seven fifteen so Ben figured he was alright. He finally made it to the hill it was eight on the dot. Ben had second thoughts if he should go up considering he might make it back late but he kept having visions about his mom rewarding him and being really supportive if he were to do this so he told himself under his breath if I go fast will make it.

He ran up the hill and surprisingly made it at eight fifteen he got down the hill and started speed walking home. While he was walking home he tripped on a rock and scrapped both of his legs and too heavy breaths as he locked at his phone when the time changed to eight twenty seven he got up and started running home and realized that he left the key in the house not knowing what to do he started to panic. he quickly remembered what to do if this exact scenario happened,

He remembered his mom ounce told him if he forgot to get his key to go to Wallstreet and wait for her to go there because that’s the closest to her work and she wont have enough time to be home. So he started walking home tuning out all of the screaming and honking by listening to music. As he was half way he found a note on the ground that said hide in the tiny hut, he obviously didn’t listen and dropped the note but when he did this a van stopped right next to him. He knew what his dads told him about vans so he quickly turned right and ran to the hut.

He got to the hut and he took a quick breather and quickly called his mom. No reception he whispered to himself, he was really scared at this point he turned around and looked for anything that could help him escape this situation. He didn’t find anything but his mom called his phone back he  quickly answered but unfortunately  his phone dies. He suddenly heard large banging coming from outside of the but he quikly hid but got relieved after he peaked through the whole and saw it was his dad.