Hale Day

I am a current student at Hale. I am in 7th grade. My life at Hale could be better but I still love the school. The custodians are very nice and so are the teachers and aids. Everyday is like the same for most people but not for me. Everyday at Hale is like a mystery that you need to solve. And I’m here to explain a day at Hale.

At school I am normally very happy and excited to go to school and learn. Other days I may be very exhausted and ready to leave. One day I was really tired and when I wasn’t expecting a very fun lesson in health. I don’t normally have anything fun in health because I’m always taking notes .  But only this time we did something fun. (Also my class might be a little too talkative) We did a lab.

At nutrition my friends and I talked and walked around and I felt better but later on it got boring. I did all my periods and lunch came this time I made a new friend. His name is Evan. Him and I became best friends and developed a huge trust between us. We  shared stories about our past and we talked about the things we liked to do and we actually shared a same interest, soccer. Ok, lunch is over and it’s time to  go to fifth period.

I personally love this class because you never know what’s gonna happen. I’ll give you a quick sum of it. We can basically do anything as long as we get the work done. At the beginning I was a little irresponsible with my work in this class but I made up all those things and barely made it to a B I think. After that I have been (mostly) turning in all my assignments for this class. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better elective. I mean after all we do have the best teacher. Ok so we don’t have assigned seats but we kind of made our own (in a weird way,but natural) All I can say is this is one of the craziest classes. First Brandon will attempt to scare you at the door. He will also want to play card games with you.

Lastly my oh so precious sixth period. I always look forward to this. The most sarcastic teacher. (also that’s why I love her) This class is simply weird in all it’s ways. We have the teacher who is already stressed from her fifth period and can’t “wait” for our class.

Stay tuned for my next article which will be all about fifth period. This article will talk about my experience with uno at my table. We tend to always have fun and well I’ll talk about that in the next article and also the goats birthday party is coming up they are turning 1 on Wednesday.(4/10/19) There are four of them stitch ,Oreo ,bleu , and Rio. Thank you for your time and goodbye.