The best places to get a burger (IN MY OPINION)

This is basically just going to be a list of the best places to get burgers, IN MY OPINION.


I love in-n-out so much and I’m so grateful I have one where I live. I say that because whenever I go to Texas to visit my sister I can’t have in-n-out and it makes me like really sad. My usual order for in n out is a cheeseburger and fries but this isn’t about the fries even though I really like their fries. The burger is so good and tastes really fresh. It is probably my favorite burger place near me.

2.The Habit

I don’t have the habit often but when I do I’m soo excited. It’s soo good. I know that its fast food but the burger is so good that it makes it taste so delicious. I have actually only had habit a couple of times but from those couple times, I can definitely say that the habit is sooo good. I know that I already said this but it probably is another one of the best burger places near me. I haven’t had habit in such a long time but I’m pretty sure that my order was just a cheeseburger.


I’m pretty sure we don’t have a Whataburger in Los Angeles but when I went to Texas I had Whataburger and it was sooo good. It didn’t taste like any other burgers from these places. Before I tried it I honestly thought that it was just going to taste the exact same as like In- n -out but it didn’t. It was so good. I have only had Whataburger once and it was soo long ago so I don’t really remember what I ordered but I remember that it was really good, and honestly that’s all that matters.

4.Bob’s big boy

I love this restaurant. Even though I haven’t been in like three years I still love it and they have such good burgers. I remember going here like every weekend with one of my best friends. I just remember always ordering the cheeseburger with fries. It’s also a really cool diner. Some of them have really cool lights like the one that I used to go to all the time.

5.White Castle

Ok so I’m pretty sure that there is no white castle near me but I do remember trying it once. It was delicious and I miss it a lot. I honestly don’t remember what I got that was so good but I do remember that it was really good I think it was like some cheeseburger sliders or something like that but I’m not sure. All I remember was that I wanted more. Something else I remember was how busy white castle. Now I get why it was soo busy because White castle is soo good. Ok, so I know that this is a bit off topic but the fries at the white castle are also really good. Overall I do recommend all of these restaurants.