Trees are cool. They help you breathe by taking the carbon dioxide in the air, that can kill you if inhaled in large amounts for a prolonged amount of time, and turning it into oxygen. The oxygen that the trees make help you breathe and help keep you alive. Also trees help the Earth cool down, by taking the heat from the sun, absorbing it, and using it for photosynthesis, actively cooling down the Earth in the process. Also, trees can help shade places of the ground, cooling it down. Also, the trees, with it’s roots deep into the soil, help with keeping the dirt in place, reducing the risk of landslides during rainy days. There are many different species of trees and with those different species of trees come many different appearances that those trees can take.

The Bendy Tree

This forest is a unique one that is completely different to your run-of-the-mill forest. This is a unique forest because it is made of trees that you don’t normally see in your normal forest. The trees that make up this forest is bent at a 90 degree angle at the very bottom of the trunk. As the trees grow and mature, their trunks gradually bent back up trying to reach as close as it can to the sun, trying to get the most sunlight it can. The main reason as is to why the trees were bent at a young age were probably high gusts of winds. When the tree is bent like that, it can double as a bench that you can use when you’re hiking through that forest. Also if you tie two trees together with a hammock, you can use it take a nap in the forest, taking in the nature around you , birds chirping and other things that pass by you while you are in the hammock. There are no other cool things about this forest, but the only thing that is about the forest is that it has cool bendy trees and is different compared to other trees.

The One With Holes

This tree has holes. It can act as tree house that can have many floors. This tree, when built as a tree house, can have natural holes for an entrance and natural holes for windows. It’s also never hot in the tree house because the holes let in the breeze. The holes can act as a giant instrument, the holes act as a way to break up the breeze, making different sounds in the process. When you bring people to your house, make sure that you bring them during a windy day so that the trees can make noise. With the ambient noise that the tree makes, it can help break up awkward moments when you and your friends have nothing to talk about. It can also act as a beat if you’re making a new, cool SoundCloud song with you as the main vocals and your friend as the backup vocals (obviously you are the main vocals because it’s your song and your friend has no right to be the main vocals, and if they insist that they want to be main vocals then they don’t deserve to be in your song).

Trees are pretty cool. Plant more of them.