WrestleMania is an annual show held by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The show is usually a few hours long including matches of the best stars. Since WrestleMania 35 is coming up I felt I should share a quick history of the show.

WrestleMania was an idea created by Vince McMahon to be a show with the best wrestlers in the world competing on one show. The first WrestleMania was held in Madison Square Garden in New York City on a sunday, which would become a tradition. The show was very successful selling out fast. The show didn’t just feature the best wrestlers but many celebrities such as Muhammed Ali, Billy Martin , Liberace, the Rockettes, Cindy Lauper, and Mike Tyson who would compete in the main event, would also show up to bring in more media attention. The show was headlined with Hulk Hogan and Mike Tyson taking on Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. Hogan and Tyson would pick up the win sparking a show that would last for many years after. Manias after this were shaped to be something casual and hardcore wrestling fans would enjoy every year. WrestleMania 2 however wasn’t so great. It still had its celebs but was on a Monday. So many could not watch. Also it was held in three different venues. This made the show feel like three shows and was confusing because of the switching every match. After this WrestleMania would be held on a Sunday for the next 32 years and going. WrestleManias after have been a mix of pop culture and hardcore wrestling (not extreme but diehard fans). WrestleMania 10 was held again at MSG, followed by 20 as well. Many have been incredible but some not as great. Here I will review one of the best Manias to show how good they can be.

WrestleMania X-Seven 

Mania 17 is considered the best by fans of wrestling. It was held in 2001 with an incredible card. The show opened with Chris Jericho taking on William Regal for the Intercontinental Championship. Regal is a cheater so Jericho had to fight around this but still won, making a great opener. Then the APA (Acolytes Protection Agency) and Tazz defeated Right To Censor (a parody of UPN). In a okay match, good to pass time. Then the Hardcore championship was contested between Kane, Raven, and Big Show. Any hardcore match is fun to watch since all the weapons involved create new ways to defeat the opponent. Kane won the title after a very fun match. Then Eddie Guerrero defeated Test in a pretty good European Championship match. However every good show has to have a bad match. This one being the women’s championship match between Chyna and Ivory. I’m not being sexist, it just was that bad. Chyna won becoming the new champion. Then an awesome street fight between Vince McMahon and his son Shane was incredible. With many cool spots and uses of weapons Shane picked up the victory over his dad.  Then the historic TLC match happened. The Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, and the Dudley Boyz battled it out for the tag team championships in an amazing match. With many tables ladders and chairs being used to cause mayhem this was an awesome one to say the least. Edge and Christian won making it even better to see the cool team win. Then the stupid comes into play. The gimmick battle royal was a match that included all of the silly gimmicks of the early nineties fought until the Iron Sheik won. An easy and fun match. Now it’s the last two matches, one being amazing and the other not. The next match is Triple H vs the Undertaker. They had a poor match that was dull after the incredible stuff before it. The Undertaker won continuing his streak. And now the main event. Steve Austin and The Rock battled it out around the arena and back to the ring until Vince came out and cost the rock the world championship. This made Steve Austin who hated Vince join him so he could win. This was incredible. This show is better than most but they are all still fun to watch. I told you about this so if you are interested you can get and idea of what it is.  Don’t miss WrestleMania 35 on April 7th.