Memories with Dana

I met a girl named Dana in second grade. We did not start hanging out until third grade though. It started at school when I asked her if I could hang out with her that day, then I ended up hanging out with her everyday at school. Our third grade teacher was Ms. Sauté, she knew that Dana and I were great friends. Dana and I would hang out every weekend, switching which one of our houses we would stay at. Dana was the first person I had a sleepover with. I would hate to lose her as a friend and she is probably one of the longest friendships I have ever had.

Dana and I had a pretty big fight in third grade about the dumbest thing. Everyday we would play by the flag pole, it was a colored map of the United States right by a flag pole. One of us would stand by the flag pole and call out a color then count to five, once they said a color we had to stand on a state that is that color, if we were not on a state of the color we were out. Well, anyways, we saw these other people playing in our spot but, they were swinging on the flag pole and climbing on the bars, something we never did. The aids or teachers, I can’t remember which, told them to stop and that they are not allowed to play there anymore. Well, after they left I was walking toward that area so we can play there but, Dana said that we should not because they just got kicked out of that area. Then I tried to explain why it is fine, they just got kicked out because they were swinging. After that, we had a huge fight over that, it was so bad that we ended up crying. Then one of the moms that were helping, that we knew, came and fixed up our fight. After that, we never played in that area again.

When Dana and I would hang out at her house, we would play in the toy cars she had, make up dance routines, pretend we were famous, or make random videos. We spent a lot of time in her trampoline as well. Once we found a old pink bike in her back yard and decided to ride it. It was so old that if you put just a little bit of pressure on the petal it would break a little piece of plastic off. One time when I was riding it, it broke a little, but enough that my foot had nowhere to go on the petal, so my foot slipped off. When it slipped off, my leg scrapped the edge of the broken petal and made my leg start bleeding and I still have a scar from it.

I have so many great memories with Dana. Culmination might be the last time I see her because we are going to different high schools, making new friends, and I do not know when I will get the see her again.