Memories With Nazeli

Nazeli, one of the best friends anyone could ever have. I’ve known Nazeli since second grade. I could think of so many funny memories with Nazeli but to write all of them would take me way to long.

One of my favorite memories with Nazeli was when we went to Havasu, Arizona. We stayed on the second floor of a hotel that had a deck. We had just came back from the hotel pool and filled up a bunch of water balloons but then did not know what to do with them so we just left them on the deck and went back inside. We were very hungry because we spent the entire day out by the pool so we made some Mac and cheese and sat down at the table by the glass door that goes to the deck. As we ate our Mac and cheese we kept hearing thumps coming from out on the deck but each time we would look over there, there was nothing. Once I happened to be staring at the window when I saw a water balloon come from the bottom floor and hit our window. We ran outside and remembered we had already filled water balloons, so Nazeli and I had a water balloon fight with someone we did not know for about two hours.

Another was during summer, Nazeli came with me to Palm Springs. It was so fun. Everyday we would wake up at about eight get ready then leave our hotel at about nine to go to the pool. There we three water parks and two of them had giant water slides. Everyday after we got ready we would go to one of the water parks and walk up a bunch of stairs, slide down the water slide, swim out of the mini pool, and then do it over and over until the water park closed or we had to leave. Our legs hurt so bad at night because we walked up the stairs so many times, but it was worth it.

We also once camped at the beach. I believe it was on the Fourth of July one year, anyways, Nazeli, my parents, my sister, a bunch of my parents friends, and I went. One of the first things we did was fill up a bunch of water balloons, then we started to throw it at all the people there. One of them filled up their own water balloons and threw them at us, then they rolled us in sand. We got very mad and purposely made the water in the water balloons ice cold because it was at night and it was very cold at the beach, and we used those to throw at them.

Nazeli is an amazing, and I never want to lose her as a friend. I am so lucky that Nazeli is my friend because she is one of the greatest people in the world, she is nice, awesome, brave, caring, reliable, and much more. I can’t think of what my life would be like without her.