Why Journalism is the best elective at Hale

At Hale there are many electives, some good, some bad. But there is one that stands out to be the best (in my opinion). Journalism. There are so many reasons why it’s the best so let’s get into it.

Journalism is an elective that (this year) is held in period 5. It is taught by Mr. McCabe in E124. The only assignments your are told to do is a 500 word (or more) article about anything you want. Yes, anything you want. The class helps you practice your writing while not making you write about boring topics, making it fun. You also can earn better grades by using your own pictures. This means taking the actual picture and displaying it on the article, not using somebody else’s. You can also write and article specific to Hale to earn an A+ and a pretzel. However it can’t just be a school related topic, it has to do with Hale Charter Academy. There are so many different articles already on the sight that you could just read them without even being in the class. The Chromebooks at Hale have restrictions on them so you are allowed to take out your phone and maybe look up info, play a game you’re reviewing, listen to music while writing, etc. But most use it to play games and have fun, which is fine just they have to have an article turned in on time for that week.

One of the most important things in life is writing. Whether that be a report, an article, or any other form of text-media. This class helps improve that special skill. But does it in a way that makes it fun so then you are more invested and willing to work. Many in the class love to write their articles, I’m one of them, I feel they wouldn’t if they were assigned articles like in an English class. It is, of course, important to write assigned articles but it’s easier to learn when writing something you enjoy and/or am interested in.

If you are in 7th grade, you may have Mr. McCabe as your English teacher. If you are in this class you can have another class to have him teach you. Mr. McCabe is a great teacher that cracks jokes and makes any class enjoyable. I’m not saying this to be a teacher’s pet, instead I’m saying this because I believe it. I feel this class would not be the same if another teacher taught it.

The funny thing about this is the class is not (at the moment) going to be a choice next year, making this article completely useless. However it will be back and this will become relevant again.

This class gives you freedom, which is very important because you don’t get much of it in school. I feel teachers should give more freedom to students so they are more incline to do the assignment they are told to do. Whether you can chose the topic or chose the format it is still great. And Mr. McCabe allows this freedom every day in the Journalism elective.