Born to be Different-Part 1

Have you ever felt somehow different from everyone else? That’s exactly how I feel every single day of my life. My name’s Ella and I’m 15 years old. All my life, I’ve been different from everyone else. Just because I have a different hair color and my real name started with a different letter. To fit in, you needed to be blonde and your first name had to start with an E. My real name is Addison which, as you can tell, starts with an A and my real hair was red. I was born in a world where you needed to have certain qualities to fit in or else you would be a social outcast. Believe me, you don’t want to be a social outcast. You’ll get kicked out of where you live and you’d have to live out in the woods. Everyone in Kalifornia looks the same with their blonde hair, but I’m the only one that’s different. Come to think of it, I’ve never actually met or even seen anyone that looked like me. Until one day….

“Mom! I’m leaving now!” I yell from the bottom of the stairs. Today’s the first day of high school. Well, my second year of high school.

“Wait!” My mom yells, running down the stairs, her blonde hair bouncing on her shoulders. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to wear a wig, since she was born with blonde hair. I don’t get why I wasn’t. “Honey! Come downstairs and say bye to Ella!”

“Coming!” My dad yells. He runs down the stairs, his blonde hair slicked back.

“Mom! Dad! It’s just high school! Plus, it’s my second year, so there’s not much excitement anymore,” I say, crossing my arms across my chest. What am I saying?! Of course there’s excitement! It’s the first day of school!

“We know, but we wanted to remind you about a few things,” my mom says.

“First of all, try to get on everyone’s good side!” my dad says.

“I know,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Second of all, try out for the cheerleading squad again,” my mom says.

“I don’t need to, I was in it last year. Remember?” I say, sarcastically.

“Okay, but third of all, don’t show..”

“Don’t tell..”

“And most importantly, don’t ever take off this wig!” they say at the same time.

“Yes, I know! You guys say the exact same things every year and I always answer the same thing,” I say.

Beep Beep

“I should get going,” I say.

“Have fun!” my parents yell as I walk out the door.

“I will!” I yell back. I jump onto the bus and walk to the back where my best friends, Eve and Elton are.

“Hey, Ella!” Elton says, smiling at me. I smile back.

“Hey, El!” Eve says, moving over to make room for me.

“Hey, guys,” I say, sitting down.

“So, what happened?” Elton asks.

“Nothing, why?” I say.

“You look troubled,” Eve says.

“I’m fine!” I blurt out. Eve reaches out to me, moving my wig around.

“It was a little crooked,” she explains when I give her a ‘what are you doing?’ look. I chuckle. They were the only two people I could trust to tell my secret to. They know about my name too.

“I’m glad I could trust you guys,” I say.

“Yeah,” Elton says.

“Hey, are you guy free today after school?” Eve asks us.

“Yeah I think I am,” Elton says.

“No, sorry I have to go to the woods to visit the homeless with my dad,” I explain.

“Oh, no it’s fine,” Eve says.

“Look at you, all kind and helpful,” Elton says, teasingly. I laugh. The bus halts to a stop as we reach high school. I step outside and inhale the air. Ah! High school! Four years of absolute torture and fun! Well, three years for me. Still, those three years will still be torturous, but fun as well. As long as I stick with Elton and Eve, high school will be fun.

We walk to the main office to get our schedules. As usual, we have normal classes. English 101, Algebra 2, Biology, College Prep, PE, and History. Elton and Eve have the exact same classes that I have. Thank God! At least they get to suffer through high school with me. Haha.

“Welcome to another school year at Kalifornia High School! I’d like to welcome the newcomers to our amazing school! Remember to be kind to one another!”

“Ugh, Mr. Polo is too enthusiastic!” I say with a chuckle.

“Right?!” Eve says, laughing. We walk to our first period class, English 101. Elton, Eve, and I walk to the back of the class and sit in the same table. People start piling in a minute later and starts talking loudly.

“Can everyone please quiet down?” the teacher said. Everyone quiets down. Mrs. Morales can be a very nice teacher, but if you don’t obey her, she’ll turn into a demon.

Knock knock

Mr. Polo walks into our room, followed by a handsome boy with blonde hair and green eyes. I stared at him, while everyone looked away. No one really cared about new people in our classes.

“El,” Elton shakes me from behind.

“What?” I ask, turning my head back.

“You’re staring,” he explained.

Eve gasps. “Do you think he’s cute?”

“Ummm,” I say.

“Attention students! This is Evan Matthews. Please make him feel at home. Evan, why don’t you sit in that chair?” Mr. Polo says, pointing to the chair next to me. My heart skips a beat.

“Ooo, cute boy’s sitting next to you,” Eve teases.

“Shut up!” I say.

“Hey, Evan!” Elton says.

“Hi!” He says, taking a seat.

“I’m Elton,” He says.

“I’m Eve and this is-“

“Jenna,” Evan whispers.

“No, my name is Ella,” I say, shocked.

“Oh, sorry, I must’ve confused you with someone else from my old school,” he says.

“It’s fine, but where are you from?” I ask.

“I’m from here. Why?” He asks.

“I’m just wondering ‘cuz no one here has a name that starts with a J,” I say, awkwardly.

“Yeah,” He says, turning around to listen to whatever Mrs. Morales was talking about. I was confused. How did he know my real name?

There was something about him that didn’t seem right. I looked up at his hair and saw that he had brown streaks of hair at the top of his head. I tap his shoulder.

“What’s you natural color?” I ask.


“Hair,” I explain.

“Blonde, why?”

“You have some brown streaks,” I explain.

“Oh, I dyed it a few years back and it wouldn’t go away,” he explains. He sounded kind of nervous. His story made sense, but I didn’t believe it. I read something a couple years back about a different place in a faraway land where people had a different hair color and names that started with a different letter. I didn’t believe it, until now. Maybe Evan isn’t who he says he is.

We made it through first period and discovered that Evan was in our other classes too.

“Do you guys want to walk together?” I ask after class ended.

“You and Evan should walk together, me and Elton need to go to our lockers,” Eve says.

“Okay, if that’s fine with you, El,” Evan says.

“Yeah, I’m fine with that,” I say. I just want to get through this day quickly. Eve and Elton walk to their lockers, while Evan and I walk to our next class.

“Why did you move?” I ask him.

“Huh?” he asks, probably confused.

“Schools. Why did you move schools?” I ask, not knowing why I had to repeat that second part.

“Oh, because my parents were sick of me getting, umm, bullied,” he explains, unconvincingly.  

“Okay,” I say, sarcastically. I knew something was up with this kid. Like he was different from the rest…. Just. Like. Me…