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Umbrellas are a very convenient item that was made by us, ingenious humans, with a greater level of cognitive thinking compared to other animals. We are so good at thinking that we have engineered an item that can protect us from the rain. The rain can be very bad to us humans. It can get us wet, make the ground softer increasing the chances of landslides and sinkholes, and also raising water levels in bodies of water like lakes and rivers which can flood and destroy our things like towns and cities. With the landslides, sinkholes, and flooding, rain can pose a threat that can kill us. In developed countries, the landslides pose a lower chance of killing us and so do floods because of the advance technology. With the advanced technology, we can stop the chance of landslides forming and lessen the damage of floods. The only thing left is that you will get wet with the rain. That’s where the umbrella comes in.

The Family “Fun” Time Umbrella

The game Monopoly has been a game that almost everyone has played. This umbrella combines two good things, Monopoly and protection from the rain. This can also act as a game board when you lose the actual game board. Although it may be hard to play on a curved surface when the original board was made out of a flat surface, it still can be played on. The game pieces might not stay still on the board when there is a breeze, but they still can work decently. The only problems with the umbrella is that when it rains and you are using it as a board, you have to ruin the game and flip over the umbrella and protect yourself from the evil, wicked, ungodly, diabolical, and vicious rain. You might lose friends if you flip the board but it is a risk worth taking to protect yourself from the evil rain.

The Different One

This umbrella is for the people who don’t fit in any categories that society has labeled people. This is for the people who want to break the societal standards that were set way before they were even born. I don’t know if this umbrella will be any more efficient than the other circular rain blocking instruments. There might be more surface area on the square umbrella than the circular umbrella but I have no way of testing since I don’t have a square umbrella. However, this umbrella can be used to gain dominance over your friends. You will be the only one with a square umbrella and your friends will be the ones with the peasant, overrated circular umbrella. You will be the only one with the different umbrella, so that automatically means that you are the coolest one in your friend group. You might as well be the coolest one in school because you are the only one with the square umbrella that is ultimately better than the normal, boring circular umbrella. You could probably fit more people under the umbrella since there is more surface area.

Those are just two umbrellas that are pretty cool.

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