I love basketball because it is always a fast paced sport. In basketball you are always dribbling the ball, shooting the ball, or running up and down the court. Think about how many opportunities you have to touch the ball or just to watch the game go on. Even watching a basketball game is fun and a good way to learn new things. I love to practice basketball on my hoop that i have at home. I could play basketball for hours, until I get tired though. I love playing with my family.

There are also many rules to basketball. like a foul, and there are many different kinds of fouls. There are personal fouls, which is any illegal contact with someone. Like if you push too hard on purpose for no reason. Another one is charging. Charging is when someone is standing still for a couple seconds and someone runs into someone else hard. A blocking foul is when someone has illegal contact while someone is shooting. A flagrant foul is when someone has violent contact with an opponent. Like pushing, kicking, and punching. An intentional fouls in when a player makes physical contact with no reasonable effort to steal the ball.

Another type of foul is a technical foul. A technical foul is in which someone uses foul language, obscene gestures, and even arguing. All of these except a technical foul, a player will be able to shoot a free throw. The free throw line is fifteen feet away from the rim. The rim is ten feet high off the ground. You get to shoot a free throw if someone fouls you. So, all of the NBA players can dunk but not me. Some people that are not in the NBA can dunk, but sometimes people aren’t good enough to get all the way. If one team added up their fouls (ten) then the other team’s player that got the tenth foul with get to shoot two free throws.

If one team hit seven fouls then the player that go fouled on the opposing get one free throw. If he make it then he gets awarded with another one. If a player was found then they get to throw the ball in from the baseline, out of bounds, then they will have five seconds to throw in the ball. If you get foul when you are in the middle of shooting then you are awarded with three free throws. A travel is when some one takes two steps without dribbling. Carrying is when someone dribbled the ball to far to the side or even under the ball. A double dribble is when you hold the ball with two hands and then dribble again. A held ball is when two people are trying to get the ball. To stop all the fighting the referee with give the ball two one team of his pick.  Mid-court violation is when one team passes the half court line a player on the same team will walk to the other side again.