Pie Flavors

Hello today i’m going to tell pie flavors, for now I don’t like pie, but everyone has different taste buds. But that’s probably because I only tasted to types of pie. I put these in my own words. But since I haven’t tasted many kinds of pie flavors, I used a website and if you want to know more about pies then this is the website I used

Website:   https://www.delish.com/holiday-recipes/thanksgiving/g3721/craziest-pie-flavors-by-state/

  • Sundae pie: The website said it tastes like ice cream, and that it won’t melt.
  • French kiss pie: So the website didn’t say what it tastes like but is said that instead of wiped cream, they topped it with nine chocolate strawberries. I didn’t taste this pie, but I will some day because I love chocolate covered strawberries, honestly I will probably only eat the strawberries.
  • 1/2 & 1/2 pie: So this pie is interesting, its half chocolate and half coconut cream.
  • California: Cereal killer pie: This one has a very weird name, but the website said,”Soo, pie for breakfast, yeah?
  • Connecticut: Candyland Pie: So this is delicious that’s basically what the website said.
  • Florida: Strawberry Basil Pie Pops: so from what the website said they really liked it.
  • Indiana: Elvis Pie: ”Your favorite flavor combo is busting out from sandwiches.”
  • Iowa: Bayou Goo Pie: ”The name might sound a little ew-inducing, but just hear us out: This pie has a cheesecake base, a layer of pecans, a chocolate pudding layer, whipped cream, shredded chocolate, and powdered sugar. Fork me.”
  • Maryland: White Trash Creme Brûlée Pie: ok so this one i didn’t understand their reply but they said,”Who wants to get trashed?
  • Wisconsin: Blueberry Angel Layer Pie: This pie has three layers. and the website said that is tasted heavenly.
  • Washington: Mexican Chocolate Pie: Ok so I couldn’t put this one in my own words, because I didn’t understand that much what they were trying to say, so here is what the website said,”It’s way more decadent in pie form than it is in hot chocolate.
  • Utah: Banana Cream Cheese Pie: They said that the cream was good but cream cheese is better
  • Texas: Black Forest Pie: From what the website said they enjoyed it.
  • South Dakota: Jalapeño Raspberry Rhubarb Pie: They said that this pie is so colorful that it doesn’t need filter.
  • South Carolina: Nutella Pie: So this seemed like they enjoyed it a lot, because they said that this is better then eating nutella right out of a jar. So this just shows this is a really good pie.
  • Pennsylvania: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Brown Sugar Ice Cream and Chocolate Sorbet Ice Cream Pie: So I saw the pie name and I wondered why the name is super long. But this is what the website said,”Is it cookie dough? Is it ice cream? Is it pie? It’s whatever you want it to be, and it’s mic-drop status good.


So that is all the pie’s I talked about and if you want to know more about pie’s if you really like them go to this website:  https://www.delish.com/holiday-recipes/thanksgiving/g3721/craziest-pie-flavors-by-state/


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