Tank, Milo, and Cooper

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It was my birthday today and my uncle lives in Havasu, we visit him once a year. This year we visited him the week of my birthday. It’s awesome at Havasu although it’s  burning hot, but we are always in the pool, lake, or on the boat inner tubing. When Nazeli and I are at the pool we always go buy deep fried pickles. We were there with my mom and dads friends, my grandparents, my uncles, and one of my friends,Nazeli.

 Whenever Nazeli and I would go on the inner tube we would do a challenge, the first person who fell off lost. There was nothing to win except the bragging right to say that you stayed on longer. The day before my birthday Nazeli and I were inner tubing and I fell off. My thumb caught on the handle when I came up out of the water, I looked at it and knew it was sprained. I was so upset because it was the day before my birthday.

The next day was my birthday. It was an awesome day, plus I got to pick where we ate for our birthday dinner. I choose an Italian place, it’s called Angelina’s. The bread there is the best. I got ravioli and the plate came with 8 huge ravioli pieces, I can’t believe I ate it all.  When they brought over the cake I made a wish, I want a dog.

I think it was that night in the hotel room Nazeli found glass in the bed. It was from a picture frame above the bed. My mom got mad and called the manager, and they gave us a night free at the hotel.

The next day we had to drive home, it took seven hours. It was very boring but it was worth it. I came home and my grandma, that lives with us, said she had a surprise for me. It was a black and white chihuahua-toy poodle mix. It took me about 2 weeks to come up with the perfect name. I named him Milo. A few days before, we got a dog for my sister and grandma. They were Milo’s actual brothers. My sister’s dog was named Cooper, because one of her favorite characters in a movie was named Cooper. My grandmas dog didn’t look anything like Cooper or Milo but that doesn’t matter because he was so cute, small, and fluffy. His name was Tank.

Everyday I came home from school and saw him. He was so cute and fluffy, he even had a Mohawk. We played for hours. One day I got stung by a bee and he was right there trying to figure out what’s wrong. One of the funniest things I remember was him and his brothers were playing out by the pool and he fell in.  It scared me so bad. But when he got out he looked so funny because all his fluff was gone. When Tank went in the water, it was even funnier.

 I remember one time 2 of my friends came over and we put the dogs in this small wagon we found in my backyard. We had like a mini photo shoot. It was really fun and we took some awesome photos. Once at my friends birthday party ( she lives really close to me, about 3 or 4 houses down) we all ran with the dogs in my front yard. At one point (which ever dog did this I can’t remember which) ran into the street and we all went running after him.

 Their first birthday is May 25, 2018.  I was planning to invite my friend, Dana’s  dogs over and make a dog safe birthday cake because I love baking. Dana and I wanted to also have a puppy play date but we didn’t know when we should and they had to get their shots first.

One day I came home from school and Tank was sold, I was so sad. The next day when I come home, Milo and Cooper were sold. The thing was I didn’t get to say goodbye. 

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