Is this Reality

One day a girl named Amanda was at her college dorm waiting for her friend to come back with food. Amanda is twenty years old and she is a really nice shy girl. Amanda usually does not socially interact with anyone except for her two best friends that live with her, Sydney and Sophia. They have been friends since the womb and always stick together. Sydney and Amanda were home watching T.V as they heard a knocking on the door. Amanda happily got up to open the door thinking it was Sophia with the food, but it wasn’t Sophia.

As Amanda opened the door a man cane in and threw a fluid.  The man ran out the building and the girls went instantly to sleep. Amanda woke up looking at Sophia’s face. Sophia was really scared and didn’t know what to do. Amanda got up in shock and yelled who are you in a ferocious voice. Sophia quickly put her back to sleep and calmed her down. Amanda quickly woke up and started to fly, Sophia quickly ran out and yelled I’m in a movie.  Amanda went to the street found a store and quickly hid behind the close and was gasping for air. She heard someone come behind her and ask are you ok she then turned around in relief but realized it was Sydney with laser eyes.

Sophia quickly ran home and hid under a bin in her room and out of nowhere she say a spiraling glow. Sophia didn’t want to go in in but Amanda quickly pushed her in and it seemed she landed in a different dimension. She was scared, lost and didn’t know where to go.She tried calling someone but her phone had no percent. As she was looking around for her dorm she found a note that says  go to 632143 Wall Street Avenue. She saw this note and she gave a blank look and quickly asked a person where is this. The person replied with are you sure you want to go there. She quickly replied with yes heavily doubting that this is reality, he pointed at a large mountain. She walked away after thanking the person. The mountain was very large but Sophia is very athletic so It won’t be hard for her. As she started going up the mountain she finally realized that this can’t be fake. After the sweat drained behind her back she knew that she was scared but she didn’t know how to express it.

After forty minutes of going up the hill she finally made it. It was a really dark castle she immediately went in and got trapped in this cage. She started to panic as she saw Amanda and Sydney. Amanda and Sydney said this is the end and took a axe and right when the axe was about to get in contact with her she fell in the same portal she started in. She woke up in her bed and saw Sydney and Amanda happy to see her up.