Endgame *SPOILERS*

The Avengers are pretty. They are so cool. I love them. The reason I love them is because they are cool. There only used to be six of them, but now there is a lot more. They have advanced so much. I am proud. Oh my God. I was so happy when they all came back from the dead. The audience gasped when they all came out. I gasped too when they came out. Even sadder was when Iron Man died. It was so sad. I almost cried, I swear. It was almost as sad when Cap came through the teleportation portal and was all old and wrinkly. At least he was happy, unlike when Iron mammy died. That’s the saddest part in this movie. Iron Man’s daughter should have a father. It was pretty sad. I wish Iron Man survived, but it was a good death. At least he died honorably. What an awesome guy. Captain had a great ending. He really deserved that happy death. Good job Marvel. I am so proud of this community.

Avengers: Endgame was one of the most highly anticipated movies of all time, and it irrefutably delivered. An article on the highlights of the movie has to be written.

Firstly, the hot romance scene in the movie must be addressed. When Howard Potts and Howard Stark locked eyes with each other, it was unquestionably love at first sight. From the time they met to their fleeting, intimate embrace, both Howard and Howard were enamored by the other’s presence and barely managed to continue their small-talk. I was blushing in the theater the whole duration of the moment, and by the end the entire audience felt warm in an environment of passion.

Another interesting moment in the movie was when the Ancient One talked with the Hulk. Her little bald head shined in the sunlight like a star in the midnight sky. It was so shiny and beautiful, it seemed like butter was smothered on that head. Slapping that thick meat head would make me the happiest man on Earth.

Honestly though, the real show stopper here was during the ending fight scene. All the girl Avengers together gathered like a large cloud of nebula. The entire movie had been building up to this, and the rest of the audience clearly knew. Their female power was truly peerless, you could almost feel the power of cooking and laundry through the screen.

Speaking of powerful women, Tom Holland was phenomenal in all of his screen time. He really brought out the guns this time, and I could almost savor the saltiness his tears while he cried during Pepper’s husband’s death. Even though the occasion was minor in the whole scheme of things, due to Tom’s performance, the death of the other dude felt much more impactful.

Endgame and all of its predecessors will forever be remembered for generations to come. Its effects have been felt all around the globe and because of it, our culture and history will never be the same. I thank you Lucas Films, from the bottom of my heart. You’ve truly made a difference.